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Local Jobs St. Henry, Ohio: 5 Reasons Why You Should First Consider Cooper Farms

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For over 80 years, Coopers Farm has maintained its tradition of producing great food products and growing healthy live turkey, chicken, and eggs. Today, the company has over 2,200 staff members and is one of the leading suppliers of food products in the United States.

As a family-owned business, they strive to make employees feel like they’re part of the family. In addition, they offer different benefits to employees, like health insurance, paid vacations and holidays, dental and vision insurance, among others. Here are a few more benefits to expect if you’re looking to be part of Cooper Farms.

1. Plenty of Career Options to Consider

If you have been searching for the best Local Jobs St. Henry, Ohio, it’s time to consider a rewarding career at Cooper Farms. This food production and processing company has two divisions with four locations.

The live animal division oversees the care of animals as they mature and manufacture feeds that keep them strong. The other division is food processing, which deals with the production and packaging of high-quality feeds.

There are plenty of positions Cooper Farms expects to fill in the two divisions depending on your expertise and experience like administration, truck driving, maintenance, animal care, and production.

2. A Production Process That Guarantees Safety

Cooper Farms offers great opportunities if you’re interested in production jobs St. Henry, Ohio, and willing to work in a fast-paced environment with growth opportunities. Currently, there’s a job opening in the deboning production. If you wish to take up this position, you will have to follow directions on the safe operation of various equipment and perform other related duties assigned.

Given that this is among St. Henry, Ohio Jobs that pose significant safety risks from the use of pullers, trimmers and knives, Cooper Farms has instituted different measures to enhance the safety of employees.

For instance, to ease back stress and lower back injuries when bending while transporting loads from cutting to deboning section, the company uses a conveyor between the workstations. They even place their shelves at waist high, preventing the need to bend while lifting.

3. Great Worker Incentives and Surety of Career Progression

There’s no better place for individuals who want to become CDL Drivers in St. Henry, Ohio, to get great rewards than at Cooper Farms. You’ll receive a $500 bonus after 90 days and another $500 after six months as a driver. If you’re searching for maintenance Jobs St. Henry, Ohio, Cooper Farms is hoping to fill different positions and offer the same bonus as CDL drivers if you’re accepted.

Besides the incentive, Coopers Farms provides a work environment that encourages their team members to advance to the next level of their careers. They achieve this by encouraging employees to attend training and be involved with local groups and associations.

Also, regardless of your entry-level position, there’s always an opportunity for growth. For instance, before they place the Now Hiring St. Henry, Ohio ads online, they’ll make internal promotions before accepting external resumes.

4. A People-Centered Company Culture

Cooper Farms strives to better its efficiency every day. That’s why they regularly request employees to give ideas on effective ways to better their processes, such as effective animal handling. This procedure also applies when formulating safety procedures for workers in the production division. The main reason for engaging employees is to develop employee-centered policies that focus on their safety, health, and happiness.

The company has also developed a culture of giving back to the community, and they expect managers to listen to employee’s needs. Such a culture of caring is expected in every employee at Cooper Farms.

5. An Assurance of Better Health and Safe Environment

Cooper Farm understands that every employee’s needs are different, so they support their team members’ physical needs through various ergonomic improvements and wellness programs. They have an in-house team of safety experts responsible for conducting ergonomic studies to analyze their jobs and offer input on areas that need changes. Besides the safety team, employees in the production and maintenance sections can still give ideas on areas that need to be improved.

Additionally, they have partnered with Activate Healthcare Clinics to offer free primary care for employees who are part of the clinic’s insurance plan. During your visit to Activate Healthcare Clinics, they will run different tests to confirm your general well-being and coach you on the need for better health.

Wrapping Up

With the benefits of Coopers Farms highlighted in this guide, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make an application when you find their Jobs Near Me ad posting. In addition, job security, work safety, and job incentives like bonuses are assured at this company, and these are more reasons to seek a position at this family-owned company.

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