Canon is one of the top manufacturers of printers. It provides a large range of printers that vary in specifications and size. These devices are known for robustness and provide good printing service. But like other hardware devices, the Canon printer also shows errors from time to time. The common Canon errors can be fixed easily.

Paper Jam

It is a common error in printers but now only appears on old printers. The New Canon printer series barely face the paper jam issues. This error occurs when the user is taking a printout and the page is stuck into the roller. If you are taking lots of printouts simultaneously then pause the printer immediately. You must clean the paper jam and then take the printouts.

Sometimes the jam appears when the roller draws two pages at once. Turn off the printer and check the paper roller. Take out the paper chunks and all the junk from the printer. Restart the printer and now you can take the printouts. Canon error code 5b00 Printer error code 5b00 occurs due to a communication error. Your printer shows an error when it can’t communicate with the computer.

You need to check the driver on your computer. If the driver files are damaged then you should repair them. Open the computer and click on the driver. Go to the files and search for the damaged ones. Repair all those files and then try to fix the error. Fixing those files manually is not easy; use a driver repair tool.

It will repair all the drivers on the device. For outdated printer drivers, you have to update to. Go to the driver and update it. When your driver is showing several errors then remove it. Now open the Canon website and install the new driver to fix the error. 

Ink warning 

Users get the ink warning status on the printer when the ink level is low. Some users reported that they are getting ink warnings but the printer is taking the printouts. It appears when the ink is below the marked level but enough to take the printouts.

Whenever you get the warning message; refill the ink. In low ink, you may get the printouts faded. Refill the ink on the printer and you won’t get the warning. Sometimes, the user faces the ink warning even after refilling the cartridge. It occurs when the status monitor is unable to detect the cartridge. Reset the status monitor and you will see the correct level on the ink. 

Blank Printing 

The user gets blank printing when the printhead is not heated properly. It occurs when due to low electricity or when the printhead is not working correctly. You must connect the printer directly to the wall outlet. If you have connected it to the UPS then eject the cable and connect it to the wall outlet.

Check the ink level, if the cartridge is empty then refill the ink. When the user is taking printouts from the printer after months then the ink may dry up. canon mx922 support code b200 Your printer won’t show the low ink error but provide the blank printing. Refill new ink or add some solvent to the ink drum. Again, give new print command and the printer will start working.

Printer not found

The printer not found is a connection error. When this status occurs on the PC screen; check the cable. Remove it and re-insert it. If you see any kind of damage on the cable; use a new one. Printer not found error is common in wireless connections. Keep the Canon printer near to the network. Go to the connected device and now search for the printer. Also, check the Wi-Fi settings on both devices. 

Faded printouts

The quality issues appear due to the ink. When you see faded printouts; check your ink level. Refill the ink on the Canon printer to get quality printouts. Also, use good quality ink for refilling. Do not install clone cartridges as their ink quality is not good. You should also check the paper’s quality. If the page is too thin or thick then it will affect the printouts.

Memory Full 

When you get the memory full message, clean the print queue. You can’t give a new command until you get some space for the print job on memory. For taking a new printout, you should delete all pending print jobs and give a new command to the Canon printer.


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