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The Summon Skeleton Mages Build Guide for PoE 3.22

by Abdus Subhan
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Summon Skeleton Mages is a classic Necromancer build that continues to excel in Path of Exile 3.22 due to its damage output, durability and flexibility. By focusing on raising armies of skeleton mages and vaal skeletons, this build delivers immense damage through minion swarming while maintaining strong defenses. Let’s explore the key aspects of an effective Summon Skeleton Mages setup. Buy Path of Exile currency on, we offer cheap POE Currency at a cheap price, fast delivery, and various payment methods!

Gearing Focus

  • Prioritize +level gems and minion damage on jewelry, helmet, and gloves.
  • Look for shaper/elder items with minion mods like meatshield or minion movement speed boots.
  • Prefixes like % attributes or resists on other gear to meet requirements and defenses.

Offensively, scaling minion damage is key. The Necromancer ascendancy already provides plenty, so focus on offensive supports like Meat Shield, Minion Damage, and Feeding Frenzy. Move Speed on boots maintains swarm position. For weapons, strength/attributes or minion damage rares suffice until unique staffs like Aarthryl’s Fall.

Skill Tree Progression

  • Prioritize life nodes, then minion damage clusters like Unnatural Strength.
  • Block chance from Bone Barrier is a very strong defense once capped.
  • Renewal and Mistress of Sacrifice further boost survivability.

Our 6L setup uses Skeletons linked with Minion Damage, Melee Splash, and Multistrike for clear. Our +2 fire staff links Flame Dash, Detonate Dead, and Bone Offering to supplement damage. For bosses, spam Vaal Skeletons linked solely with Multistrike.

Sentinel Synergies

  • Atlas Sentinel boosts pack size for more minions.
  • Mirror Sentinel clones your swarm for twice the hits.
  • Harbinger Sentinel rains currencies alongside minion looting.

With no gear dependence, this build excels in SSF. Stack minion clusters and you’ll destroy all story bosses easily. In maps, focus Life/Resists through %attributes on PoE items until obtaining unique minion forces like Tukohama’s Fortress. With sufficient defense and damage, Fleshcrafter and Astavie’s Reach become viable late-game upgrades.

Overall, Summon Skeleton Mages deliver excellent clear speed, bossing prowess, and survivability. It’s flexible scaling from gems and the tree suits trades and SSF alike. For robust minion damage on any budget, this build stands as one of Path of Exile’s most effective options league after league.

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