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Talbon Construction Company Review 2023.

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Talbon Construction CompanyTalbon Construction Company

Building a house for your family or an office for your business after years of savings is a big task for which you must trust a construction company. Several companies promise to deliver the highest quality of work but demand a lot of money and fail to meet your expectations.

So, for this vital task of building a home or office for you, which company do you choose in Canada?

Talbon Construction, a company that generates 5 million dollars in revenue yearly, is the best option to consider. This company has been constructing homes and commercial buildings since 1965.

In this blog, I will briefly review Talbon Construction, including its services and the benefits of choosing them.

Introduction of Talbon Construction:

The president of Talbon construction company is Paul Bernier, a civil engineering technician. 

Talbon is a trustworthy construction company in central and east Canada. The headquarter of this company is in Rouyn-Noranda (Quebec). Talbon was founded in 1965, and it has 57 years of experience in constructing homes, estates, and innovative commercial buildings.

It has a team of talented civil engineers and architects that deliver outstanding work to their clients.

Projects of Talbon Construction:

Talbon has done many projects, including houses and commercial buildings. Here are some of the projects mentioned on Talbon’sTalbon’s official website:

  • Goldcorp – Eleonore.
  • Foundation of the mill, Osisko.
  • Crusher, Osisko. 
  • Chevalement, IAMGOLD.
  • L Amor honda showroom.
  • Uniprix
  • Location Blais

Services offered by Talbon Company: 

Talbon Construction specializes in every architectural and civil work, and it offers many beneficial services that include:

  • Consulting services before the project.
  • Scheduling deadlines.
  • Cost and deadline supervision.
  • Home Repair.
  • Concept and design.
  • Calculate the construction costs.
  • Projects Management
  • Quality Management.
  • Administration of contracts.
  • Feasibility Study
  • General and specific Construction.
  • Equipment installation.
  • Building maintenance.
  • Underground Construction.

GMI Division:

Talbon is growing itself timely and adopting new technologies and techniques to satisfy its clients. Talbon founded GMI Mine Industry Management Inc in 2008 to install structural steel or equipment for architectural work. Underground mining is essential to Construction; you can rely on this GMI division of Talbon.

Pros And Cons of Choosing Talbon:

Talbon is a reliable construction company providing many benefits to their clients, but it is my responsibility to tell you both the benefits and flaws.


  • Talbon construction company offers a wide range of services whether you want to build your dream house or make a commercial building.
  • Talbon GMI division can do any underground construction work.
  • This company has been running since 1965, which makes it the most trustworthy among the others.
  • Talbon has experienced civil engineers and finance experts who can deliver outstanding work at cheap rates.
  • They have a very supportive staff that can guide you in every step of taking any decision related to your project.
  • Talbon can assist you with installing important residential and business fixtures like roofing, siding, windows, HVAC systems, and more.
  • Using environmentally friendly products also makes them unique.


  • Customer service does not respond quickly,
  • Some people feel that Talbon is costly,

Jobs in Talbon construction:

The working environment at Talbon company is very dynamic, with a flexible schedule and supportive staff. Currently, they have two vacancies available. You can send them your CV even if the job description does not match your expertise because they will approach you if a job related to your experience is available within six months of sending your CV.


Talbon Construction is the fastest-growing company in Canada, with several years of experience in this field. They offer many services to help anyone looking to build a home or commercial sector.

The company’scompany’s masterpiece projects and quality of work have gained the loyalty of its clients. If they continue, they will soon compete with the big fish of construction companies in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many employees are working at Construction Talbon Inc?

They have 50 to 100 employees.

What is Construction Talbon Inc’sInc’s tech stack?

The top technologies used by Construction Talbon Inc include:

  •  AddThis,
  •  Google Maps,

How to contact Talbon Construction Company?

You can contact them in the following ways:

  • Visit their website and contact them through the “communicate with us” section,
  • You can call them on this number 819 797-0122, 
  • Contact them on the Linkedin account Construction Talbon inc.
  • Email Talbon at “”,
  • Their fax number is 819 797-1914

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