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Straw Hats for Men: 3 Types of Straw Hat That Will Suit You 

by Kashif Khan
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People prefer wearing straw hat to reap the styling and functional benefits. Straw is one of the most lightweight and durable materials and is best to protect your face and head during the hot summer months. 

If you look into the modern hat market, you will find various kinds of straw hats made of different materials, making the straw hats super stylish and comfortable. 

Continue reading the article to know more about the straw hats for men, their materials, the sun protection factor, and the three most popular straw hats for men on the market. 

What are the Materials of the Straw Hats?

Straw hats are made of synthetic or natural materials that are brimmed and tightly interwoven to protect the wearer from the harmful UV rays of the sun. As per Master Class, natural fibers are durable. 

The straw hats are available in different styles and people all over Asia and Europe have been wearing straw hats for decades. Even though the hats can boost your fashion sense, the primary functionality of the straw hats is to protect the eyes, face, and head of the wearer from the harsh sunlight. 

Due to their lightweight and durable features, straw hats are adored by many men, thanks to the materials used for crafting purposes. As straw hats are woven, they come with small openings that enhance air circulation, which will keep your head cool during the hot summer months. 

Can Straw Hats Provide Sun Protection?

The size of the holes and the tightness of the weaves will determine the effectiveness of the straw hats. These will determine the penetration of sunlight through the hats. You need to consider these factors as they will determine whether the straw hats can protect you from sun or not. 

While purchasing straw hats for men, consider the amount of light that passes through the hat. Straw sun hats provide the UPF factor. If you want to purchase something that will protect you from UV rays, you should purchase straw hats that coffer a 50 UPF factor. 

Additionally, when the weaves of the straw hats are tight, it will allow less sunlight to pass through. These hats will provide more sun protection. Finer and tighter weaves will reflect the effort to produce the straw hats. These hats will be more expensive. 

Different Straw Hats for Men

Straw hats are generally crafted from natural or synthetic materials that are comfortable, trendy, and lightweight. Additionally, a men straw hat is extremely capable of protecting from the sun while ensuring proper breathability. Here are the popular straw hats for men you can purchase:

  • The Boater straw hats
  • The Panama straw hats
  • Fedora straw hats

The Boater Straw Hats 

The boater straw hats are one of the most popular hats in the market. Traditionally, men used to wear the boater straw hats at formal events. Not only warn weather but boater hats can be worn in the winter months too. 

Boater straw hats are made of stiff straw that will help you stand apart from, the crowd. These hats feature a flat crown and brim. 

Even though the boater hats are most famous amongst men, women can also consider pairing the boater straw hats with eye-catching outfits. But due to the short brim, they won’t be able to provide great sun protection. 

Panama Straw Hats 

If you’re planning for a vacation, the Panama straw hats are something that you need to purchase. This is because straw Panama hats are easy to wear and they are super breathable. 

If you enjoy light-colored silk suits, the Panama straw hats will prove best for you. Most manufacturers use light-colored Toquilla straws to craft the Panama straw hats. 

The Panama straw hats come with tighter weaves. This is why crafting these straw hats is more time-consuming than the other straw hats. When you wear these hats, you will look classy while also ensuring great protection from the harshness of the UV rays. 

Fedora Straw Hats 

The Panama and fedora straw hats are quite similar in both appearance and functionality. This is why people face problems while purchasing fedora straw hats. But there are some significant differences between fedora and Panama straw hats. 

Despite the material, the shape is something that will help you distinguish the fedora hats from the Panama hats. While the Panama hats are made of leaves of the Toquilla palm trees, the fedora hats can be made of different types of materials. 

The fedora straw hats feature a pinched front, a low crown, and a wide brim. This is why you should choose wide brim fedora hats as they will protect your face, neck, eyes, and shoulder from the harsh UV rays. These features also make the fedora hats more eye-catching and stylish. 


These are the straw hats that you should purchase if you’re planning to use hats to achieve protection from the UV rays while boosting your fashion statement. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below. 

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