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Steps To Take After Suffering A Car Accident

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Steps To Take After Suffering A Car Accident 

Accidents can occur anytime, and the degree can vary from minor to major. Regardless of what happens, it is important to act appropriately to avoid inevitable mistakes that may cost you later on. After an accident, you should always follow a procedure to do everything correctly. 

Regardless of the state or country, the procedure is standard and to your benefit. Taking these steps at an accident scene is critical and beneficial. If you are wondering about the procedures, read on to discover more. 

Call for Help 

The next step is to call the police. This is one of the crucial steps to follow after a car accident. You can dial 911 for police and medical help in case you are hurt or suspect others are injured at the scene. Even if the damages are minor, you must call the police and record a statement before leaving the scene.  

Suppose you are rushed to the hospital; you need to talk to the police as soon as you get better. It can be days or weeks but ensure you record a statement with the police.  

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Do Not Leave The Scene 

The decision not to leave the scene will depend on various factors, such as the level of injury. If you are badly hurt, the first decision is to seek medical attention to avoid pain and subsequent injury. If the injuries are minor, you can seek medical attention after a while. While at the scene, there are various activities you should engage in. You can assist those who may have been hurt by calling an ambulance or helping them out of their cars.  

 You need to stop the car where the accident occurred regardless of the level of damage to the car or the injury you sustained. Fleeing from the scene can lead to suspicion, and the other party can blame you for the damages because you fled the scene.  

Collect The Evidence 

As you record your report with the police or wait for the police to arrive, you should record and collect evidence from the scene. This involves connecting with other drivers at the scene or talking to others who may have witnessed the incident. You can also collect their contacts for future testimonies and references.  

Next, you need to observe your car’s rearview camera recordings. If you were hit from behind, this camera can be the greatest proof of negligent driving or the other driver’s violation of road safety standards. You can also take pictures using your phone, photos of your car, the other cars and videos of the other driver reacting to the accident. Make sure you get drugtested to prove that you were sober at the time of accident. If you live in flint MI and need to get drug tested, click here dna testing flint mi

Seek Medical Attention 

Even if you feel fine, you need to visit a medical facility for a checkup to ensure you have no internal injuries that could cause future complications. The doctors should examine major organs such as the brain for signs of trauma or internal bleeding. In the days after the accident, you should be alert to ensure you notice any pains and respond appropriately. 

You need the medical reports as parts of your evidence for compensation. During settlement negotiations or court trials, you must prove damages so the other party can compensate you. One of the damages includes medical expenses, which you can only claim when you have medical reports and receipts.  

Contact A Lawyer 

You need a lawyer for various reasons, such as negotiations, lawsuit filing, and subsequent decision-making. The lawyer is also responsible for collecting the evidence to prove your innocence. Submit all the necessary reports, evidence, and expenses to the lawyer to help them in the compensation negotiation.  

You need a lawyer to maximize your compensation since they can identify various damages you were unaware of. They also have good relations with law enforcement agencies and can get evidence such as traffic cameras and footage proving the other driver was negligent. You can talk with the lawyer after informing the police or while you are still in the hospital. The lawyer will file an accident lawsuit within the required duration and legal requirements. 

Allow the lawyer to take care of other issues as you focus on recovery or going on with your business. The lawyer will be the key decision-maker on issues such as the decision to settle or proceed to trials. In all these instances, they will be representing you.  

Inform Your Insurance Company 

Before repairing your car, you should notify your insurance company. You can notify them while the car is in repair or before you take the car for repairs. The company will send an adjuster to determine the levels of damages and liability. You need to provide them with the evidence you collected at the scene.  

You should call your insurance company after you notify the police about what happened. Inform the insurance company in case of any compensation from the other driver. You should only accept the compensation through an attorney. If you have sustained bad injuries and are still undergoing medical treatment or recovery, the lawyer will talk to your insurance company about the damages.  


Following the right procedure after an accident will ensure you prove your innocence. It will also help you get the right compensation for the damages caused by the other drivers. Be sure to gather as much evidence as possible but remember to prioritize your health first. After the medical checks, talk to an attorney to help you with further proceedings. Links 

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