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7 Smart Ways To Carry Your Heavy Luggage While Travelling 

by Kashif Khan
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Traveling provides the perfect time to escape pressures, meet new people, and tour unique new places. Unfortunately, it also means you have to deal with the struggles of luggage. Packing only your travel essentials will save you the stress of dealing with heavy bags, but sometimes, you might end up packing half of your wardrobe to solve fashion dilemmas.   

However, carrying extra luggage can trigger aches and pains. The heavier the load, the higher your risk of having back, shoulder, and neck injuries. Lifting this heavy luggage can also strain your muscles, joints, and bones. In addition to the stress incurred on yourself, you may also have to pay baggage fees. 

Whether embarking on a long trip or heading home, packing loads can be a frustrating part of the journey. To maintain your sanity, you might want to implement effective strategies like packing the right way, finding the best suitcase, or using your car roof to transport your luggage. This article will explore the ways how to pack your luggage and secure them in a roof rack.  

  • 7 Smart Ways To Carry Your Heavy Luggage While Travelling 

An effective strategy to carry your heavy luggage is to put your loads on your car roof. Not all car types have roof racks; if yours fall on this list, roof racks are excellent alternatives.  

Roof racks are built to help transport large equipment or more cargo weight. These additional accessories can be used to transport items and provide more space in the car. There are various roof racks available, and you might be confused about which one to choose.  

An ideal one should be easy to install, have a weight capacity that fits most cars, and have features that make them great, like the defender 110 roof rack, which overall holds an expected reliability score of 80 out of 100.  

  • How To Pack Your Luggage? 

Packing is a science with rules that can be difficult for individuals to learn. Doing it right can be the difference between a stressful vacation with numerous detours to drugstores and an organized one with no strains on your muscles or joints. Here is our shortcut to packing the right way: 

  1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better 

Have you always thought the bigger your luggage, the better? You might have to revisit that thought when you realize how much load you have packed halfway through the hassle with your luggage on the trip. Therefore,  choosing a bigger luggage size makes you pack unnecessary items.   

  1. Select The Clothes Wisely  

Take the time to lay down all the clothes you want to take along on your trip and divide them in half. The chances that you will not need everything are higher. However, it is completely fine to wear the same shirt twice. 

  1. Fill Every Space 

Filling every space of your luggage makes it more pleasant to move around. Less compact luggage will make you feel like your things are moving around. This can be very uncomfortable, especially for heavy bags. 

  1. Pick Clothes That Can Be Layered 

You need to be selective about the clothes you pick. Picking clothes that can be layered will take up less space than one oversized giant coat in your luggage. Implementing this strategy will provide you with more outfit options and help you pack light. 

  • How To Secure Heavy Luggage To A Roof Rack?  

The most effective way of transporting heavy luggage is putting it on your car roof. Applying this strategy will help you save space but can be risky if not done right. Having lots of loads without enough space to accommodate them in your car can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can use your car’s roof as far as you have your loads secured on it. There are various guidelines that you require to follow to help you avoid getting into any dangerous situation.   

  1. Don’t Go Overboard 

You mustn’t go overboard with your luggage when packing. Although your car roof allows room for placing your heavy bags on the roof, you should not go overboard. Check the owner’s manual to determine how much weight your roof can carry. To avoid damaging your car, avoid exceeding the limit in your owner’s manual.   

  1. Load Your Cargo 

Once you have measured your luggage and know how much load will fit on the roof securely, the next on the list is loading your cargo. Plan how everything will get fit before loading the roof rack. You should ensure nothing is obstructing the driver’s view or hanging over the windshield. 

  1. Secure Your Luggage 

After loading your gear, you must ensure everything is tightly secured. Your luggage can be considered secure when they don’t fall or move the car. A quick hack is to fasten your straps lengthwise and widthwise to ensure all of your luggage is safe.  


Before you take to the skies, you need to get your bags packed up and moved to the airport. This might be the part you dread so much. However, there are plenty of innovative ways that can help you pack your stuff and carry your heavy luggage. 

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