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Soujiyi – A Complete Review of the AI-Powered Email Marketing Tools

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Explore Soujiyi’s Email Automate—a game-changer in email marketing. Learn how it simplifies emails, boosts efficiency, and drives real growth.


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, small and bigger businesses alike are working day and night to strive and stay ahead of their competition. To do so, they are constantly expanding their reach, and looking for new and automated ways to boost their revenue. 

Meet Soujiyi, the innovative AI-powered email finder platform that is reshaping the world of email marketing and sales using ChatGPT automation. 

In this article, we will delve into the key features of Soujiyi’s, and provide an in-depth analysis of its capabilities. Also, we will showcase how businesses can use this platform’s cutting-edge business solutions to automate most of the mundane tasks. 

Soujiyi Redefines AI-Based Marketing, Here’s How

Email and automation are two words we can use to define Soujiyi. Unlike other tools that have countless bugs, Soujiyi solves a business’s most mundane problem; cold-email marketing. Marketing and cold emails go hand-in-hand. 

Soujiyi Redefines AI-Based Marketing, Here’s How

Today, every business uses email marketing, but what they lack is automation. While there are several tools such as chatGPT to automate most of the tasks, specifically email marketing was not in anyone’s mind. Soujiyi solves this exact problem.

Thanks to AI, Email Automate offered by Soujiyi makes marketing emails easy as It sends them automatically; this way, businesses don’t have to hire extensive staff just for writing emails.

High Volume Capability:

  • Sends a lot of emails at once
  • No limit on how many mailboxes can be used

Seamless Batch Sending:

  • Sends emails in batches smoothly


  • No need to spend money upfront
  • Promises good returns 

Benefits of Using Soujiyi

Efficient Email Marketing: Soujiyi’s Email Automate ensures that emails are sent quickly and efficiently being delivered. This generally saves time for businesses so they focus more on making money.

Cost-Effective: Soujiyi offers zero-cost and low-investment for batch-sending emails. This helps businesses with budget-friendly options.

Enhanced Security: Direct access to the email service provider (in this case Gmail) enhances security which is one of the most crucial aspects for businesses today.

Personalized Marketing: When you integrate your business with Soujiyi CRM, you allow it to set up tailored content delivery for the target.

Real-Time Data Insights: Email Automation by Soujiyi provides insights into metrics such as, but not limited to delivery rate and user behavior.

Wide Range of Amazing Products: Soujiyi offers a lot of business solutions. These include an Email Finder, Email Campaigns, Sales CRM, and much more. The best thing is that they also offer end-to-end customer support.

User Success Stories: Soujiyi is endorsed by many users on the Chrome Web Store (they have a Chrome extension) and satisfied customers with most of them reviewing the app positively.

Drawbacks of Using Soujiyi

Learning Curve: Your employees may need some time or additional training to get used to Soujiyi’s features and functionalities for maximum productivity.

Dependency on Gmail: You need to know that Soujiyi is focused only on Gmail; this may limit possibilities for further integration for users and businesses that use other email providers for marketing.

Limited Information: While some data for helpful insights is provided, specific details, data accuracy, and sources for data subscription services are not explicitly available for the users which is something that would’ve been exciting.

Too Much Automation?: If we rely too much on automated processes, it may reduce the personal touch in marketing messages and strategies.

Data Privacy: There are potential data privacy concerns related to the collection and usage of customer information, and if you’re a big business, you may get in trouble if you’re not careful.

Varied Effectiveness: Soujiyi’s features may vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the user or business.

Soujiyi is Backed by User Success Stories

Soujiyi proudly showcases success stories and if you go on their website, you will see many endorsements from the Chrome Web Store and satisfied customers, which is proof of their success stories with various clients worldwide. Soujiyi also utilizes real-time customer data for targeted email marketing through its Email Automate feature. 

Here’s how it works:

At first, it will sort the customers based on their actions which always helps in making personalized emails. Then, the users will edit the content, and Soujiyi’s Email Genie sends it automatically. 

All this process saves a lot of time and it increases the chances of getting more clients and customers. Furthermore, the data acquired from this process helps in adjusting marketing strategies for better results in the future.

Soujiyi Has a Chrome Web Extention, Here’s How to Install It

To make things easy, Soujiyi has a browser extension for the Chrome web browser. You can install this extension on your work PCs, and your team can start using this AI-powered email marketing tool and grow your sales. 

To install this extension, you need to go to the Chrome web store and search for Soujiyi. You will see these extensions:

Soujiyi Has a Chrome Web Extention, Here’s How to Install It

Image Source: Chrome Screenshot

As you can see, there are three extensions available by Soujiyi. They are Email Finder by, LinkedIn Finder by, and Email Marketing Automate. You can choose to install all three of them, you can choose only one of them. (whatever suits your business)

Final Words 

In conclusion, Soujiyi helps in lead generation, and automated email marketing, and offers a suite of different products that helps business grow and make more profit in record less time. Today, the platform is growing exponentially, and its effectiveness is backed by successful user stories and positive reviews on the Chrome web store.

If you are a business looking for growth via email marketing, you should definitely consider using Soujiyi in the future as it requires less human labor.

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