Short Funny bedtime stories for kids, Kattur is a small village in southern India. There was a dense forest near the village. In that forest, two cats called Pinky and Pluffy lived with their parents. They were very good friends. and they used to go hunting together. They used to share whatever food they got equally

short bedtime stories for kids
bedtime best story

Pinky and Pluffy used to play a lot. some times Pinky and Pluffy will fight with each other during their play. But they loved each other so well. So after the fight, they would happily rejoin and go home.

Like all cats Pinky and Pluffy did’not depend on their parents for food They would find their food and eat.

short bedtime stories for kids

One day as usual Pinky and Pluffy were going in search of food. Some human beings (people) who had come for a picnic to the forest had left a DOSAl on the ground. pinky and pluffy saw the dosai and ran to collect it

So pinky took the dosai first. she told her friend that as usual, they would share the food Pinky cut the dosai with her sharp nail Into two parts. Pinky said Pluffy take your share Pluffy took her share immediately PINKY frowned and Said Pluffy you took the larger piece for your

I saw the dosai first. I must. have the Iarger piece,

Said Pinky

I saw the dosai first. I must have the larger piece

Said Pluffy

The two friends started to quarrel over a piece of dosai As Pinky and Pluffy were quarreling, a monkey called Piyush jumped from a nearby tree.

Funny bedtime stories for kids

Piyush said

Hey Pinky and pluffy, you were both very good friends. Why are you! quarreling?

OH! my brother Piyush, I saw a dosai on the ground first. We wanted to share and eat it. , But while cutting, one-piece became larger. pluffy wants the larger- piece. Tell me my brother, don t I deserve the larger piece? asked pinky.

Yes! Yes! My brother pinky, You deserve the-best said Piyush, the monkey.

Pluffy purred and asked Piyush, Come on! Piyush brother, I too found the dosai don’t deserve a better deal?

Yes! yes! My brother pluffy You too deserve the best” deal said Piyush the monkeys Now both of you are very good friends. You must have everything equal. So let me make this larger piece small by tearing a piece

Said Piyush the monkey

Piyush tore a small piece and ate it. He found the dosai to be very tasty

He compared the size of the remaining pieces. Alas ! the other piece has become larger said Piyush. Let me again tear a piece from the larger one said the monkey. He ate the piece too.

Short bedtime stories for kids

Now they compared the pieces and found one piece was larger. Again the monkey cut a piece and ate. Once again they found that one piece was larger.

Piyush the monkey kept on cutting a piece and ate telling pinky and pluffy that he would make the pieces equal

At last, only one small piece has remained. Piyush the monkey said, These are my fees for helping you and ate that piece also and ran to climb a tree. Then Piyush jumped off to another tree. In the end, nothing was left for Pinky and Piuffy. Both of them were very sad; Pinky told Pluffy, My brother, hereafter we should never. fight. we should not call a third person to play between Us

Yes! yes! My brother Pinky, I agree with you. I am very sorry for fighting with you. After that day Pinky and Pluffy never fought. They remained as good friends and shared whatever they got.

Moral of the best story: Having faith is the best way to keep friends. first, deserve then desire. .. .. Give a bad one an- inch he will. have all. Cooperation is better than the competition


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