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A beginner’s guide to hiring cheap backlink building service

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Last modified on November 26th, 2023 at 9:16 pm

For the ones who failed to adapt to the rapidly changing algorithm set forth by Google, backlink building is a dead concept. However, let us tell you link building was and is always going to be the core of Google’s crawler in deciding the rank of a website.

Although people went ahead and spent loads of money on details, perseverance, a new set of skills, and acquired tools, they achieved little success. And the reason is –they never even went for the cheap backlink building service, which ultimately affected the ranking of their website on the SERP.

This article serves as a beginner’s guide to stop you from making the same mistakes that most of us have done. And focus more on hiring link building services, than investing in any other SEO strategies. Continue reading to unveil some of the secrets of this service.

Links are important: Confirmed Google!

Besides high-quality content, link plays a major role in fetching a high rank for your website. Also, it has been noticed that getting a good rank on the SERP without a single backlink on your website seems to be impossible. So, the question here is –why should you even try and get ranking without adding quality links to your webpage. Understand that Google prioritizes backlinks and so you should too consider it.

How did Google’s Penguin algorithm alter backlink usage?

 Google’s algorithm changed in April 2012, before that adding backlinks to your website and getting high ranks was as simple as a cakewalk. By getting links from any random website, you could fetch the highest ranks in the Search Engine Result Pages. However, that time is over now. Spam Filter is now an essential part of Google’s Penguin algorithm.

Hence, it would be ideal for you to hire a cheap backlink building service New York in order to dodge all the risks that come along with linking your website with the low-quality or irrelevant ones. When experts take over the task, they will ensure that you get the work worth your money.

What are the different types of Backlinks that you can receive?

As we have mentioned again and again that when it comes to fetching backlinks always focus on quality instead of quantity. You can also refer to the other blogs written on our website to figure out why Google prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to building backlinks.

In the past, SEO strategists made use of borderline risky techniques to get links for your website that included directory listings and article submission tasks. However, we have talked about it earlier how Google’s algorithm has completely modified and this isn’t the strategy that is going to work anymore.

Here, we will discuss with you the types of links that you should focus on and the others that you must avoid.

1-Natural Links:

Natural linking is considered to be the Holy Grail for SEO agencies. These are the type of links that they didn’t even have to work for and yet have received some kind of linkage from a good website. Typically, the cheap backlink building service companies focus on creating high-quality content, which can receive mentions on review websites.

This is one of the efficient ways to enhance the quality of your website without even having to ask the website owners to get a link.

2-Manual outreach backlinks:

This is one of the most underrated yet efficient ways of link building performed by an SEO expert. Generally, when you hire SEO guest post service provider USA,they will manually contact bloggers and other website owners, and ask for backlinks to your website.

However, in this case, it could a little difficult to get such links because why should any blogger or other website owners link with your company’s webpage –well the answer to that is the creation of quality content. Here, your content must be the hero of your website only then someone would wish to connect with you.

3-Non-editorial links:

In the present scenario, self-generated or non-editorial links are frowned upon. That is because it falls under the category of black hat practices according to the algorithm of the search engines. Generally, these techniques are used to fool the search engine by making a piece of content that appears genuine and relevant.

But, with the introduction of Penguin 2012, these practices have been highly devalued. So you must be extremely careful when you hire any cheap backlink building service and ensure that they do not make use of any malpractices, which might affect the quality of your website.

Bottom Line:

This article highlights some of the key details, which are often overlooked by SEO practitioners. But, as your well-wisher, we decided to go ahead and highlight the points so that you don’t get conned while hiring an SEO agency. Make sure to conduct a proper background check and look for testimonials that cover up the services we have mentioned above before hiring an agency.

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