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Samurai Players Will Excel in Any Fight on Horseback in Elden Ring

by kavya singhal
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The Twin Maiden Husks of Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold are a mysterious pair who have received the little introduction, making it difficult to determine their identities and lore.  The merchants, despite the fact that they are important suppliers of valuable in Elden Ring runes for sale to the players – particularly in the early game – do not have a distinct backstory that distinguishes them from the other members of the Tarnished safe haven.  The descriptions of specific items, as well as the twins’ resemblance to another important character, may, however, hold the key to understanding who they really are.

Due to the fact that they are named Twin Maiden Husks, they appear to be vessels inhabited by the souls of Finger Maidens.  To compensate for their failure to guide the Tarnished to Grace, the two Maidens sell them lower-level armor and armaments.  Their inventory can be expanded as players collect Bell Bearings, which are items found in specific locations and, more frequently, on specific bosses in the Elden Ring.  As a result, the Twin Maiden Husks can have the impression that they are hiring the Tarnished for assassination work, with the goal of collecting Bell Bearings from their targets and rewarding players with increasingly rare cheap Elden Ring runes in exchange.

That there is a connection between the Twin Maiden Husks and the Tarnished may hold the key to determining who the merchants of Roundtable Hold are in reality.  A group of assassins from Roundtable Hold used to hunt down Tarnished who strayed from guidance, which is another way of saying that those who strayed from the path of the Two Fingers and the Finger Maidens.  This group was once known as the Incantation Assassins, who used to hunt down Tarnished who strayed from guidance.  The identities of the Twin Maiden Husks have not been established, leaving it as one of Elden Ring’s many mysteries.  However, several clues point in the direction that they were the Finger Maidens once in charge of managing these assassins, and the appearance of a new Tarnished touched by Grace suggests that they are once again in charge of the assassin business.

As evidenced by Elden Ring’s Talisman Pouch, the Twin Maiden Husks may be older entities who would have been alive during the time period in which the Roundtable Hold employed an assassination force.  In the description of the Talisman Pouch, it is stated that Finger Readers are said to live eternal lives as the voices of the Two Fingers. Only Elia, whose body is a husk, has been identified as a confirmed Finger Reader in Roundtable Hold.  It appears that the use of a husk was the method by which she was granted eternal life as a Finger Reader, as it allows her soul to continue to exist even after her previous body has vanished.  That Elia existed prior to the events of The Shattering and even Elden Ring’s Queen Marika, who was credited with providing immortality to all beings in the Lands Between without the use of husks, raises the possibility that Elia existed prior to both events.  Because the Twin Maidens were also given husks, it is possible that they predate Marika’s reign and were thus alive during the time when Roundtable Hold employed assassins to assassinate people.

Tarnished Samurai players should be prepared to significantly reduce enemy health in battle as they approach them, and to finish any enemies who get close enough with the Unsheathe skill if they choose to do so.  Katanas are the only weapons that can be used for this skill.  It allows players to sheathe their blade and hold it at the hip before launching a normal or strong attack.  Because of the nature of their stat increases, Samurai players will excel in any fight on horseback in cheap Elden Ring items, despite the fact that boss fights in Elden Ring may prove more difficult for them.

As a member of this class, the only Talisman that players really require is the Lord of Blood’s Exultation, which increases the attack power of anyone who has the item while the bleeding effect is taking place in the surrounding area.  Because Katanas have the ability to apply the Hemorrhage effect in mid-range melee combat, Samruai players will find themselves dealing a significant amount of damage as the battle for Elden Ring progresses further.  Aside from Erdtree’s Favor, which increases the user’s maximum health, stamina, and equips load, there are a number of other useful Talismans to have on hand, including Arrow’s Reach, which increases the distance arrows travel.

Furthermore, the fact that the Twin Maiden Husks were given these new bodies despite the fact that they were not Finger Readers suggests that they were not your typical Finger Maidens.  A Finger Maiden’s role is to provide support to a Tarnished by guiding them toward the path of Grace.  As Hyetta, the Finger Maiden players must assist her because her eyesight has deteriorated significantly, it appears that these Maidens are not frequently granted immortality as a result of their efforts.  As a result, the Twin Maiden Husks are most likely employed by the Two Fingers in another capacity, and given that their business is based on collecting Bell Bearings from bounties, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to speculate that they may have assisted assassins in the Roundtable Hold prior to the events of Elden Ring.

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