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Role of Couples Counseling in Repair Relationships After Having an Affair

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Role of Couples Counseling in Repair Relationships

Affairs are one of the main causes of separation and divorce. It can affect personal, social, and professional growth and deteriorate mental health. The person who feels distressed after cheating on their partner should talk to their better half and consider couples counseling in Dubai. Fitcy Health as a platform that allows couples to connect with competent and reliable therapists at affordable rates. It will help the couple make rational decisions regarding their future.

Infidelity can affect relationship dynamics and increase the risk of isolation, distant behavior, and agitation. It can affect the performance of both individuals in a relationship, which can cause health, personal, professional, social, and financial problems.

The efforts that can help the couple save the relationship by opting for couple counseling include:

  • Identify the Cause of the Affair: The couple must open up about their feeling and behavior to resolve conflicts. A couples counselor provides a safe space to communicate about their problems with each other to identify the root cause of the issues. Emotional detachment can initiate distant behavior leading to affairs. It may take time to open up; however, it is necessary to talk about the problems to start the recovery process strengthens the bond and overcome issues.
  • Understand the Pre-Existing Issues in the relationship: Other than the root cause of the affair, the couple must understand the red flags that may have added up to engage in extramarital affairs. The red flags include; lack of communication, sharing problems, not having sex, and sleeping in different beds. It allows the couple to have clarity, which helps them make rational decisions in the future to improve the relationship.
  • Identify Childhood Trauma: Childhood attachment issues can increase the risk of becoming attracted to other people and starting an affair. The therapist helps the person to identify childhood trauma. Support can help the person heal and focus on the positive aspects of life.
  • Identify the Needs and Goals of the Partner: With time, individuals have a different set of goals and needs. It is necessary to identify and help the partner grow. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate and improve emotional attachment. Couples’ counselors help hammer the communication barrier that may lead to further complications.
  • Work on Building Trust: Rebuilding trust can take time. However, it is necessary to learn to trust and rely on the partner to enhance the relationship. Ther therapist helps the couple engage in activities such as using affirmative words that can help rebuild trust.
  • Let go of the Past and Re-ignite Sexual Intimacy: The couple must work together to understand the situation and let it be in the past to avoid affecting the future. Skin-to-skin interaction can help the couple reignite intimacy and improve their sex life. 

A couple living in UAE trying to fix their relationship can connect with a reliable and competent therapist through Fitcy Health. The platform helps connect with experienced therapists at affordable rates, which can help them understand the cause and guidance to overcome their problems.

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