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Questions To Ask When Renting a Self Storage Unit

by Abdus Subhan
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Self storage companies may offer the convenience of affordable, secure spaces for households and businesses that need extra storage. When renting a self storage unit, there are specific questions you should ask to help you establish the safety and security of your belongings. Here are some questions to ask when renting a self storage unit: 

What Are Your Security Features?

Ask for details on physical security such as locks, vigilant on-site managers, and surveillance cameras. Inquire about access policies, gate codes, late-night hours, and other restrictions that may be in place to protect your belongings. Consider visiting the facility to better examine the security measures.

What Are the Rental Terms? 

Discuss the duration of your rental agreement and whether there’s the possibility of a long-term lease. Ask about the required notice period if you terminate your rental agreement. Inquire about any additional fees for renting a self storage unit, such as administrative or processing fees. 

Are There Any Restrictions? 

Some storage facilities may have items that are prohibited from being stored in their units, such as flammable liquids or hazardous materials. Ask about access restrictions and hours of operation. Knowing what’s allowed and restricted in the facility may save you time.

What Unit Sizes Do You Have Available?

Self storage companies may offer various storage unit sizes, from small units for storing boxes and personal items to large spaces suitable for furniture, vehicles, and bulky items. Ask the self storage company what size units they offer so you get one that suits your needs.  

Do I Need Insurance for My Belongings?

Storage companies may require customers to have insurance for their stored items. Before signing a rental agreement, ask about insurance policies. Most storage companies offer additional insurance coverage for renters. They can offer tips on packing and storing items in the unit.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Ask the storage company about payment terms, including when deposits are due and how long payments can be deferred if necessary. Inquire about any applicable late fees or other penalties related to late payments. Understanding the upfront payment terms can help you budget and plan storage costs.

Do You Offer Climate-controlled Storage? 

Climate-controlled storage may be a better option for items sensitive to temperature variations. Ask the self storage company if they offer such units and what additional costs may be associated. Items like artwork, electronics, furniture, and musical instruments are particularly vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity. 

Are There Any Hidden Fees or Deposits?

Some storage companies may require an upfront payment before you can rent their units. Ask about any additional fees associated with the rental. Inquire if there is a refund policy for unused days if you need the space for a shorter period of time than initially anticipated. 

Find Reliable Self Storage Companies Today

Renting a self storage unit can free up space in your home or business. Working with reliable, reputable self storage companies may be a safe and secure way to store your valuables for an extended period. When selecting a suitable storage facility, ask questions about temperature control, security measures, and access hours. Book a storage unit from a reliable company today.

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