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Portable Dab Rigs: The BOMB E-Rig Revolutionizes On-the-Go Dabbing

by Abdus Subhan
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Imagine a crisp mountain vista, the perfect spot to unwind and reconnect with nature. You reach into your backpack, ready to enjoy a satisfying dab, only to realize the bulky traditional rig and blowtorch are impractical for the hike. This scenario, once a common frustration for dab enthusiasts, is becoming a relic of the past.

Having a portable dab rig transforms the way you consume concentrates. Gone are the days of lugging around cumbersome equipment and relying on open flames. Today’s innovative e-rigs offer a discreet, user-friendly, and, most importantly, portable solution for enjoying flavorful, high-quality dabs on the go.

At the forefront of this revolution stands the Bomb erig. This sleek and powerful device boasts various features to elevate the portable dabbing experience. With its emphasis on portability, discretion, and consistent performance, the Bomb Pro is poised to become the go-to companion.

The Rise of Portable Dabbing 

Before the emergence of portable dab rigs, the traditional dab rig setup was the standard for many concentrate enthusiasts. This classic method involves a water pipe equipped with a banger or nail, a blowtorch to heat the nail, and a dab tool for loading the concentrate. 

While this setup offers a powerful and flavorful way to enjoy concentrates, it has significant limitations, particularly regarding portability.

The biggest drawback of traditional rigs is their sheer bulk. The water pipe, banger/nail, and blowtorch are not items you can easily throw in your pocket or backpack, making them impractical for on-the-go consumption or social gatherings outside the home. 

Additionally, the reliance on an open flame can be a safety concern, especially in dry or windy conditions.

Enter the Erigs for Dabs

Fortunately, the dabbing community has witnessed a revolutionary shift in recent years with the rise of electronic dab rigs, or e-rigs for short. These innovative devices offer a much more portable and user-friendly alternative to traditional rigs. 

Erigs for dabs are typically battery-powered and utilize an electronic heating element to vaporize concentrates. This eliminates the need for a blowtorch and cumbersome water pipes, making them ideal for discreet and convenient dabbing on the go.

The key advantages of e-rigs extend far beyond just portability. They typically boast precise temperature controls, allowing users to tailor their experience to maximize flavor and vapor quality. Additionally, many e-rigs are known for their ease of use, often requiring just a few clicks or button presses to initiate a heating cycle. 

These advancements have propelled the portable dab rig fraternity to the forefront of the dabbing scene. Today, they offer a revolutionary way for seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to enjoy concentrates.

The Bomb Erig 

Prepare to be impressed by the Bomb Pro e-rig, a portable dab rig designed to elevate your on-the-go experience. This sleek and stylish device boasts a user-friendly interface and features catering to convenience and exceptional flavor.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery life: The Bomb erig comes in two versions. The original, thanks to its 2300mAh battery, offers a solid 16 sessions on a single charge. The Teal version ups the ante with an impressive 20 dabs per charge. Both versions utilize USB-C charging for quick and easy power restoration.
  • Heating element: The Bomb Pro features a ceramic atomizer with side-wall heating. This technology eliminates extended preheating and ensures an even heat distribution for optimal concentrate vaporization.
  • Temperature range: This device offers precise temperature control between 200°F and 700°F, catering to a wide range of concentrate preferences. It also allows you to select your preferred temperature level and heating mode in various ways. 
  • Dab capacity: The 18mm deep ceramic atomizer provides ample space for your chosen amount of wax.

Bomb Pro Unique Selling Points

  • Simple and intuitive controls: The Bomb Pro prioritizes user-friendliness. A single button controls all the operations, while the LED display indicates temperature and battery level.
  • Auto-heating mode: For those who prefer a fuss-free experience, the Bomb Pro offers an auto-heating mode that eliminates manual temperature adjustments. After powering it on, you just need to double-click the button to activate the mode. 
  • Precise temperature control: For dab enthusiasts who desire ultimate control over their experience, the Bomb Pro allows for accurate temperature adjustments within a wide range. To enter this mode, click the button three times. After setting, wait for three seconds to exit the mode. 
  • Side-wall heating atomizer: The side-wall heating technology ensures even heat distribution and efficient concentrate vaporization.
  • Removable and cleanable parts: The Bomb Pro features a removable atomizer and glass component for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Bomb Pro goes beyond these core features, offering additional functionalities that enhance your dabbing experience. Let’s delve deeper into its user experience, from powering on to enjoying smooth and flavorful hits.

The BOMB Pro Experience: Revolutionizing On-the-Go Dabs

Unboxing and Setup

Cracking open the Bomb Pro box reveals a treasure trove for the portable dab enthusiast. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to get started, including:

  • The Bomb erig itself
  • 18mm ceramic atomizer with a rotatable carb cap
  • Glass piece with mouthpiece and built-in percolator
  • Dab tool
  • Cotton swabs for cleaning
  • Filling funnel for easy water filling
  • USB-C charging cable

The first impression is one of sleek design and compact size. The e-rig feels comfortable in one hand, though you’ll likely need both (inhalation and carb cap control). Assembly is a breeze, taking just a few minutes. The atomizer has a designated spot on the side, and the glass piece seamlessly attaches to the top.

A Session with the Bomb Pro

Now, let’s experience the magic of the Bomb Pro in action:

  1. Loading: The 18mm ceramic atomizer with side-wall heating eliminates the need for extended preheating. Simply use the dab tool to load your desired amount of concentrate into the atomizer and secure it with the carb cap.
  2. Filling the glass: Utilize the included funnel to quickly fill the glass piece with water through the mouthpiece opening.
  3. Temperature control: The user-friendly LED display shows both temperature and battery level. Three clicks of the primary button grant access to temperature settings. Alternatively, a double-click activates the auto-heating mode. Choose your ideal temperature within the 200°F to 700°F range for optimal flavor and vaporization of your concentrate.
  4. Taking a hit: The guiding lights indicate the heating status—white for auto-heating and green for ready to inhale. Inhale through the mouthpiece as the hot vapor travels through the percolator in the glass, getting cooled and filtered for smooth, flavorful hits. Rotate the carb cap during inhalation to maximize concentrate utilization.

This process exemplifies the Bomb Pro’s user-friendliness and efficiency.

Focus on Portability

The Bomb Pro’s true strength lies in its portability. Unlike traditional dab rigs with bulky components and open flames, the Bomb Pro is compact and discreet. This makes it the perfect companion for:

  • Camping trips: Enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing your dabbing experience.
  • Hikes: Pack the Bomb Pro in your backpack for a post-hike reward with stunning scenery.
  • Social gatherings: Share the joy of portable dabbing with friends at a barbecue or any social event.

The Bomb Pro’s portability opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to indulge in your preferred method of concentrate consumption virtually anywhere, anytime.

The 710 Celebrations with the Bomb Pro Portable Dab Rig 

The 710 holiday happens every July 10th. It’s a time to celebrate and appreciate the use of cannabis concentrates. An interesting fact about the naming comes from the word OIL. Since the extract is oily, it deserves the name. 

When you flip the 710 or read it upside down, it resembles the word OIL. That’s how the holiday came, but you may find other stories. Now, with the Bomb Pro, you cannot go wrong with taking a hit or two of your favorite wax. 

You can take it anywhere, and there is ample battery life regardless of how long you will be away from a charging socket. All you need to do is pack everything in advance, and you are good to go. 

During this holiday, the Bomb official crew has enticing offers for you. The newly released Bomb Pro Teal version comes with an extra atomizer when you add $30 to the purchasing price. 

The original Bomb Pro saves you $38, while getting two atomizers costs less than $120, and you get a free atomizer. With such offers, the only thing stopping you from getting it is yourself. 


The Bomb erig has redefined portability and discretion in the world of dabbing. Its innovative design and exceptional heating technology deliver potent and flavorful hits on the go.

The Bomb Pro isn’t just another portable dab rig; it’s a revolution. Its unmatched efficiency and stealthy profile satisfy every dab enthusiast’s desire for a convenient and enjoyable concentrate experience.

Ready to experience the future of dabbing? Learn more about the Bomb Pro and how it can help you gear up for 710 in style! The Bomb Pro is the perfect discreet companion to celebrate with friends wherever you may roam.

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