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PCNOK – Patient Care Network Innovating Health For Oklahoma’s People

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PCNOK, or the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, is a clinically integrated network that’s working towards better health for the people of that state.

In today’s America, inflation has hit us so hard that we can barely afford our bread and butter, let alone the healthcare cost. Since the US has been on top of the list for having the most expensive healthcare system in the world, there is a relief system, a healthcare network that helps you take care of your spending when it comes to healthcare and health insurance.

Introduction to Patient Care Network of Oklahoma

The health network is so widely spread across the state that 19 of the 22 health centers in Oklahoma are part of this organization. Nowadays, every state in the US is suffering from a healthcare crisis; whether it is California or Texas, it is rare that you’ll get good healthcare on a budget.

Oklahomans can get the most out of PCNOK by registering and benefiting from the network’s ground-breaking facilities and features.

What is the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK)?

Intending to provide budget-friendly healthcare to Oklahomans, PCNOK is a successful healthcare network in Oklahoma, providing affordable yet world-class healthcare to the people. 

The network was first formed in 2014, aiming to advance the healthcare system across the state. It was in 2017 that PCNOK became an official Accountable Care Organization.

PCNOK and its Goals

  • To improve the overall healthcare system of Oklahoma
  • To provide excellent engagement, care, and satisfaction to the patients
  • Make the healthcare system budget-friendly for everyone

Simply put, the Patient Care Network aims to provide high-quality healthcare to the citizens of Oklahoma at a lower price than that of the entire US. It will give the citizens a sense of security that there is a way they can cut down their medical bills, along with the insurance that there will be no compromise in the quality of these services.

Since its founding date, the Patient Care Network has been incorporating several healthcare providers into its arsenal. For example, the Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Center and the Certified Community Behavioral Center are a part of this network.

2019 – A Remarkable Year for PCNOK and Oklahomans

In 2019, PCNOK outperformed every healthcare organization in the US, saving Oklahomans at least $8.7 million. The best thing about this stellar performance is that the network didn’t comprise any healthcare benchmark or standard.

The Parent Care Network’s member organizations played a vital role in this achievement; every Oklahoman was able to access the best healthcare services while saving money which was first thought impossible.

PCNOK – Main Objectives

In this section, we discuss the main objective of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma in more detail. As we discussed earlier, PCNOK is inclined towards providing better healthcare opportunities to the people; it is, in fact, more than that.


Since the Patient Care Network is operating successfully in the US, it is sending a positive message across the US and the world. Thanks to community collaborations across Oklahoma, people feel safe that this network will take care of their healthcare and wellness issues. 

Positive Impact on People’s Lives Across Oklahoma

Since 2014, the PCN network has expanded drastically and now operating day and night across all 77 counties of Oklahoma. The healthcare model is so vast that almost every aspect is covered in this program.

The All-Inclusive Approach of Primary and Preventive Care

As discussed above, the network has expanded across the state with over 125 approved rural and urban healthcare centers offering dental, vision, medical, and mental health services. Not only medicine but also pharmaceutical and diagnostic testing services are available in these healthcare centers.

All these facilities and many healthcare centers make PCNOK the largest primary care network in Oklahoma.

Advancement in Healthcare

All 12 members of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma are working towards building an innovative healthcare infrastructure for the citizens of Oklahoma. For that, they have taken the first step to include telehealth services, health coaches, and care teams to assist those part of primary care.

Budget Friendliness and Improved Accessibility

Now that we know that PCNOK is an innovative and world-class healthcare network, one must think of the expenses that come with it. The good news is that PSNOK members accept all kinds of patients, whether they are private insurance or self-paid members. 

Other than that, there are exclusive discounts available for those who cannot afford them, such as those under the poverty line; they will have to provide proof of income to get the benefits.

PCNOK – A List of Member Organizations Across Oklahoma

In this section, we will list down all the organizations that are linked with or are members of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma.

  1. Variety Care


  1. Sigler Health and Welles Center, Inc


  1. South Central Medical and Resource Center


  1. Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc


  1. Shortgrass Community Health Center


  1. NorthCare


  1. Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc


  1. Panhandle Counseling and Health Center


  1. Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers


  1. Great Salt Plains Health Center


  1. Kiamichi Family Medical Center


  1. Good Shepherd Community Clinic


  1. Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma


  1. Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers, Inc.


  1. Caring Hands Healthcare Centers, Inc


  1. Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center


  1. Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, Inc.


  1. Community Health Centers of Oklahoma


  1. Community Health Connection, Inc.


  1. Center for Therapeutic Interventions (CTI)


  1. East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center, Inc.


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