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Movie You Must Watch If you are a True Foodie 

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Last modified on July 12th, 2021 at 4:22 am

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If you are a food lover and have not seen a movie about food as a whole, you are not a real foodie. Go start now and become a certified food lover!

Tasting Menu

The tasting menu is a beautiful, light-hearted tale of the closure of one of the world’s greatest restaurants. The restaurant is located in the Catalonia region of Spain. On closing night, restaurant chefs spend their heart and soul preparing food that will sweep the guests on their feet. Although centered around its luxurious culinary experience, the film shows ordinary people dining in restaurants. The meal brings together broken relationships and more, as the story depicts a divorced couple coming back to dine at a restaurant for one last time. Great food has the potential to bring people together, and this film portrays the same!


Starring Bradley Cooper, Burnt tells the story of a former high-ranking chef who aims to restart his career and regain his third Michelin star. Featuring many big names such as Alicia Vikander, Bern is a dramatic journey that not only makes your stomach growling but possibly manages to spin your head about how fast and stressful life can be in the restaurant kitchen.

The Lunchbox

An incredible film that you will always love after it is over. The film is about an improbable mix in the lunch-box delivery system of the famous Mumbai Dabbawalas. As a result, two ideal strangers, lonely middle-aged widower, Sajan Fernandes, and young but unhappy housewife, Ila, will, unexpectedly, find their lives happily entangled. In an instant when Ila’s elaborate menu, (intended to win back her husband’s affection) accidentally reaches Sajan, a series of hand-written messages explaining the situation will gradually prepare the ground for a true friendship and genuinely intriguing interest.


It was one of the best photographs of the year 2000. Let me warn you that you will become obsessed with the panoramic scenes highlighted in the film. From bite-sized nibs to chilli-laden hot chocolate, chocolate choco is full of recipes. It is the story of a single mom who is a chocolate and gypsy mistress. This will wake up the chocoholic in you. Craving for chocolate? How about an online cake delivery in Ghaziabad or wherever you reside. 


Chef is the account of an executive restaurant chef who loses his job after a fight over creativity between him and his boss, his restaurant owner. When the chef loses his job, Chef Carl Casper starts his own food truck serving his own creative concoctions. The film narrates a food truck road trip from Miami back to Los Angeles, including stops in foodie havens such as Miami (where it started), New Orleans and Austin.

Julie and julia

Julie and Julia, with Meryl Streep in its two different stories and castes, is a film based on not one, but two, true stories. One story is about this real blogger who takes the challenge to try all the recipes from a cookbook written by a famous chef, Julia Child. She decided to blog this trip which is over a year. The second story is about Julia Child becoming a chef. Both stories take place in different time zones, different countries, and two brilliant actresses do their best. This is a story that you will like again and would like to discuss for a long time.

No Reservations

An American remake of the German film Mostly Martha, No reservation centers around icy and intimidating head chef Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who gets a new sous-chef she can’t stand. Throw in the unexpected arrival of her young niece Zoe, a pickle eater, and Kate’s life is spoiled in and out of the kitchen.

Food is the only thing that can unite people together. But in the most heartwarming and appetizing moment, Zoe eventually finds something she finds delicious and chews on a large bowl of spaghetti. We recommend seeing no reservations with your own spaghetti bowl.

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Hundred foot journey

This is a story taking place in France, starring the always delightful Helen Mirren as one of two restaurants that rival each other. One is a Michelin-starred restaurant run by the character of Helen Mirren, and the other is an Indian restaurant run by an Indian family. The food served is superb, but the main dish is the delicious story the film tells you.

If you are a true foodie, these movies are a must-watch.

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