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Many ideas for the birthday design to present yourself

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Many ideas for the birthday design to present yourself

Many ideas for the birthday design to present yourself. We love creative activities and every occasion that allows us to make pretty decorations. The DIY birthday decor can be too cute. In this chapter, you will gain plans for the decoration of the birthday you are planning. Remember that there are a lot of possibilities for the celebration. In the article adult birthday animation you can find ideas for your activities because before you start with the decoration, you need to know what will be the place of the celebration. And now, you can find the best DIY birthday decor ideas below this page.

This project is super simple. You are creating a mold for your desired candles. Make two halves and glue them together!

Many ideas for the birthday design to present yourself

Many ideas for the birthday design to present yourself


· Mini slow cooker

· Cookie cutters


· Beeswax

· Dried rose petals

· Hemp cord

· Toothpick

· Cardboard

· Parchment

· Washi tape

· Vegetable oil spray

Start by preparing the mold for your candles. Glue a piece of parchment paper on your cardboard, then run washi tape all around the cookie cutter, leaving a 6mm overhang on the bottom of the shape. Cut the ribbon at all corners and curves, then secure the piece of parchment. Then melt your beeswax. I used a mini slow cooker for crafting, but you could also place a heatproof bowl over a pot of boiling water and liquefy the wax in a double boiler. Prepare your mold with a quick spray of vegetable oil to avoid sticking, then cook the beeswax in the mold. Once you’ve filled it about 0.5cm, please place it in the freezer for 20 minutes or until completely solid.

For the first share of the light, return the tracks, but before placing it in the freezer to cool, add your decoration to it. I worked with dry rose leaves for a boho-chic fashion and lovely fragrant addition. When you do cooling, remove the top half of your pan. You now have the two halves of your birthday candle. It only remains to assemble them. Place half of a toothpick in the bottom of your candle, heat some wax, and press in place, as in the photos above. Cut a short section of hemp rope to use as a wick and place it on the top of the candle and cool drawings.

For the decorative cardboard cactus, you will need:

· Cardboard

· Retractable blade knife

· White acrylic paint

· Green spray paint

· Small brush

· The scissors

· Silk paper

· Trombone

With a utility knife, cut two cactus shapes from your cardboard. Cut the slits in the center, one at the top, the other at the bottom. Spray green paint on the cardboard and allow it to dry completely. With a small brush, paint strokes to look like thorns with white color. Slide the two pieces of cactus together. You may require to run it about a little to adjust it. If the bottoms are crooked, use a utility knife to even them out. To make a flower, cut 10-15 (your choice depends on how many you want) sheets of tissue paper into a rectangle, approximately 8 x 12 inches. Construct one-inch pleats and close back and ahead like a fan. Fold in half and cut the edges to make a point. Wrap a paper clip around the center of the tissue paper, twisting it down to secure it. Pick the parts of series writing alone and form a cluster. Push the paper clip through the cardboard anywhere you need it. Spread the ends of the paper clip to hold it in place.

The materials needed:

· Paper straws

· Scissors

· Yellow card

· Hot glue gun

· Fiskars Petal Punch

· Band-Aid

· Thread (or ribbon)


Just cut the straws to about 4 inches long. Use the Petal Punch to create the candle flame, taking the smaller of the two petals and hot sticking them to the edge of the straws. Then cut the length of the string and tie the candles with duct tape.

The materials needed:

· Fishing line

· 30cm latex balloons

· 50 cm round latex balloons

· Foil mylar fruit balloons

· Zip Ties 

· Electric air pump

· Two chairs 


1. I find it easier to inflate the balloons ahead of time and then work on the garland. Go ahead, and raise your latex balloons using a varying amount of air. You want some to be small and underinflated and some to fully inflate. Tie each of them with a knot, then raise your fruit foil balloons and set them aside.

2. Set up two chairs in an open space in your home, spaced at least 1.50m apart (or ideally as far apart as possible). Tie or glue the end of your fishing line to a chair. Then tie the fishing line to the other chair without cutting it, as you’ll likely want to lengthen it as you go along.

3. Take a latex balloon and zip ties. Hold the tail of the ball against the fishing line and wrap the zipper around the fishing line and the ball, pulling it firmly under the knot. Trim off the excess end of the vim and push the ball to the end of your fishing line.

4. Now, you will repeat this action for each balloon. Yes, it’s a bit boring, but the result is so cute. You will push the tied ball against the last ball. You will see that it gradually begins to form a garland. Make it look more accessible and less like a traditional balloon garland, be sure to mix your balloons by size and color.

5. Once you have the length of the garland you need, it’s time to string it together. It’s a significant variable because how you put it depends on where you hang it. Most likely, you’ll want to find trees, bushes, poles, or other items to tie off the ends.

6. Once your garland is stretch, and you can now add the fruit balloons! A piece of fishing line on each. Wrap it through the latex balloons so that it can attach to your main fishing line.

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