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Is NextGen EHR the Right Choice for Your Practice?

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NextGen provides cloud-based EMR software to help you run a more efficient medical practice. A cloud-based EMR is advantageous since you can access it at any time and from any location. Additionally, cloud-based deployment is the reason why NextGen EMR pricing is affordable for small practices as well. Moreover, it eliminates the need to spend money on expensive hardware. 

The NextGen EMR software comes with free training, allowing your practice’s staff to learn how to use the system quickly. In addition, to assist you in improving your clinical, administrative, and financial performance, the cloud-based EMR interfaces with a Practice Management System, a Medical Billing system, and a patient portal. As a result, all sorts of ambulatory care practices can use the NextGen EMR.

NextGen EHR – Top Features for Your Practice

NextGen EMR has some powerful capabilities that can help you improve and optimize your healthcare practice. Here’s a rundown of the critical features of NextGen EMR that you may use to enhance the efficiency of your clinic.


Interoperability is one of NextGen EMR’s most essential characteristics. You can connect other EMRs and health information platforms to the EMR software. In addition, you can collaborate with hospitals and other healthcare providers who aren’t using NextGen because of this interoperability.

NextGen EMR Software also allows you to connect to charts and lab data securely. The EMR also integrates with various medical platforms and data management systems, allowing for interoperability and data exchange. According to user reviews, this feature alone makes up for the NextGen EHR pricing.

Patient Registration

With NextGen EMR Software, the time-consuming task of updating patient information is no longer necessary. Instead, you can automatically fill in the required facts when admitting a new patient using the software’s real-time insurance eligibility check. In addition, NextGen can also create a patient chart based on information provided by the insurance provider.

Electronic Prescription

The next feature we’ll discuss is the e-prescribing functionality in NextGen EMR, which helps you detect medicine combinations, dosage difficulties, and patient allergies. You may create digital prescriptions and send them to your patients’ chosen pharmacies using this app. Patients can then pick it up whenever they like.

Additionally, this program gives out alerts regarding possible drug interactions. Overall, you and your patients will benefit from the e-prescription feature.


Telehealth is another vital aspect of NextGen EMR, which allows you to evaluate and serve your patients electronically. For example, you can schedule a virtual appointment and consult your patient using the softwares’ robust Telehealth feature. The virtual meeting is possible via video conference, phone, or online chat.

Moreover, you can see if this functionality allows your patients to communicate and make payments through payment processing partners during the NextGen EHR demo. Furthermore, this capability improves safety and will enable people who cannot travel due to a medical emergency, age, or distance. Telehealth has no additional charges, and hence, users also praise this feature while discussing the NextGen pricing. 

Patient Portal

NextGen offers a patient portal that allows you to communicate with your patients over the internet. Patients can use the portal to send encrypted messages, submit documents, track their vitals, and check their medical history from previous visits. Additionally, there are no additional costs for accessing the portal.

This feature is advantageous since it provides people with more control over their healthcare. Patients, for example, can use a patient portal to schedule appointments with you and check the progress of their visits. In addition, the portal sends out reminders before each meeting to reduce the number of no-shows.

Medical Billing and Reporting

You can manage the whole patient visit experience in one place with NextGen EMR, from scheduling to billing and payment. You may also use the built-in reporting and analytics features to track key performance indicators and improve your organization’s proficiency.

NextGen also helps you handle outstanding accounts receivables and detects any code mistakes, allowing you to run a more financially efficient practice.

Cloud-based Interface

You can use any internet-connected device to manage NextGen mobile systems. According to NextGen EMR evaluations, this feature helps to improve clinical documentation and workflows for better performance. On their plans, they also keep your private medical information secure. Furthermore, the mobile solutions’ simple cloud-based interface is compatible with your current healthcare operations.

NextGen Pricing

Sadly, NextGen EHR pricing is not available publicly. As a result, you need to contact the vendor directly through the company’s website to determine how much NextGen’s EMR costs. We only know that NextGen EMR pricing differs for doctors and other practice staff.

In addition, NextGen offers pre-and post-implementation support. You will receive tailored training depending on your job duties during the seminars. You’ll also get post-launch help to assist you with any issues you might have with the software.

NextGen EMR Reviews

NextGen EHR Software reviews allow you to delve further into various software features and see them through the eyes of existing users. You can find reviews on a variety of websites. Here are the most typical advantages and disadvantages to help you better understand the system! Overall, NextGen EMR has a high user rating, indicating that existing users highly recommend the product.


  • When necessary, a powerful scheduler tool makes adding and canceling appointments simple.
  • The system’s user-friendly interface means that getting started with it takes minimal time.
  • Upgrades to the system ensure that industry trends are maintained.


  • System failures frequently occur, wasting time and frustrating patients.

Our Concluding Thoughts About NextGen EMR Software

If you’re asking whether or not NextGen EHR Software is right for you, the only answer is that it depends on your medical setting and needs. NextGen EMR, on the other hand, includes some features that might help you increase your productivity:

  • Make a list of your requirements and determine if NextGen EMR satisfies them.
  • You can book a demo to walk through the system’s numerous features.
  • You may also read NextGen EMR reviews to learn more about the program.

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