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Interesting Ways To Celebrate The Diwali Festival Happily And Memorably With Families

by Syed Qasim
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Diwali is the festival of lights that is celebrated with great joy and happiness worldwide. All the family members, including kids, siblings, parents, and others, celebrate the festival by lighting lamps and bursting firecrackers with great enthusiasm. It is the best time for togetherness, buying new clothes and exchanging gifts.

There are many memorable ways that you can make this festival awe-inspiring and celebrate happily with family. However, if you are confused or want some idea to celebrate the best Diwali this year with family, friends, or little ones, then this article is right to read. Here are the interesting ways to celebrate Diwali with families and make it shine. 

1] Decide Your Favourite Outfits

Diwali is the traditional festival that makes life brighter and happier. On this day, people wear new clothes and share interesting memories. You can make this more special by deciding on the traditional outfits that are already with you. Girls can decide on their suits, lehenga, long skirts, and sarees with accessories like earrings, nose pins, sandals, and more. Moreover, boys can decide on kurta pajamas, shirt pants, and more. 

2] Exchange Gifts with Other Family Members

You can greet and wish a happy Diwali by exchanging Diwali gifts with your beloved family members and friends. There are varieties of online Diwali gifts available for all ages, like personalised photo frames, custom mugs, t-shirts, perfumes, smart watches, idols, and more for those who are even living far away from you. 

Further, you can include sweets like Kaju Katli, Soan Papdi, Besan Ladoo, and more along with it.  It will give happy moments and love to receive your wonderful surprise. It will give them good luck and fortune throughout the year. 

3] Make Beautiful Rangoli

Rangoli is a symbol of good luck and beautifies the house with its beautiful and vibrant designs. On Diwali, make rangoli outside or inside the house with combinations of all beautiful colours. Also, you can include diyas or fresh flowers that look attractive and stunning. 

4] Get Together With Friends

Another interesting way that you can adopt this Diwali is to get together with friends, other relatives, or close friends and give them a surprise by visiting their homes. You can take some assorted sweets, thoughtful gifts, delicious food, or others for them and make the moments more blissful. It will give some good times to share old memories.

5] Decorate the Home And Light the Earthen Lamp 

On this Diwali, makeover the interior and exterior of your house with fresh flowers or make colorful and bright rangoli at the entrance door corner of the house. Besides, you can focus more on earthen lamps and candles rather than technology or electronic devices. 

Also, there are a variety of earthen diyas available with varied designs. It will allow poor lamp sellers to earn extra and celebrate a happier Diwali like others. Moreover, paint the living room area with bright and vibrant paintings with attractive designs, including flowers, candles, and more.  

6] Burst Eco-Friendly Crackers

Bursting crackers is the most loved part of the Diwali celebration by kids. Even other families enjoy this festival with great enthusiasm. Besides, you can make it extra special by bursting eco-friendly crackers that do not harm the environment and the health of people. 

It is believed that by bursting crackers, you keep the evils at bay. Moreover, you can also buy some crackers and give them to old and poor kids who can’t afford to buy them. It will give them a smile and celebrate the festival happily and memorably.

7] Organise Lakshmi Puja

On Diwali, organise a Lakshmi puja that brings luck, prosperity, and love to the life of all family members. It is a traditional way to celebrate this festival that everyone follows. You can get idols of goddesses Lakshmi and Ganesha with cost-effectiveness. It will give you good health and mind, and also, the spiritual meaning will be spread among kids and other family members. 

8]  Play Games Together

Enjoy the festival of lights by playing games together with family and friends. You can organise fun-filled activities that involve kids, parents, grandparents, close friends, neighbors, and other relatives. There are many activities like musical chairs, board games, sharing jokes, watching favourite shows on television, and more. It will give a sense of care and love while spending quality time. 

9] Prepare Special Dishes

Diwali festival brings happiness, prosperity, and a good life to every person. On this day, they prepare their favourite sweets and savories and serve them to their families and friends. You can even make it extra special by ordering Diwali dry fruit hampers online and sending it to your loved ones who cannot be together. It will keep the tradition alive and love to receive your wishes. Also, you are sure to be appreciated for thinking positively about their health and spreading festive vibes to them.

10] Have a Fun Night With Music And Dance

Music and dance are the best months that are performed at every festival with great enthusiasm by every age group. So, this Diwali, make the day memorable by spreading unlimited and playing your favourite playlists all through the night, as it is believed that waking whole nights fill the house with prosperity and good health. It will provide every family with enjoyable moments. 

Final Words

Celebrate Diwali and the victory of good over evil with your beloved family members and friends. You can adapt the above ways to make your festival more memorable and happier. It will help to enlighten your inner soul by doing good things to others and lighting diyas. 

Also, remember to help the needy and poor people who even can’t afford to eat two times. Help them by getting clothes, and food and doing some social service that will enlighten their life.

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