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Important Factors To Consider A Gaming PC

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Choosing the best specifications for your gaming PC relies on your budget, the games you want to play, the expected graphics quality, and of course the appearance of the core parts.

No matter which components you select, they will all work together to generate a smooth and pragmatic playing experience. The selection of components is essential because by choosing them wisely, you will decrease jerkiness and latency while improving the cooling of your system.

Keep your budget in mind when choosing components for your future machine. Try to stick to the amount you plan for a Gaming PC with an optimal price/performance ratio. We strongly recommend you not to buy a very powerful component and to sacrifice on the others because the latter will narrow the performance of your computer. If you desire to play in 4K, always go for top-notch components, unless otherwise specified.


Most games need multithreaded workloads, so you will need to choose a processor with multiple cores that can operate various threads simultaneously. Don’t get brought away too fast, and you will not require more than four cores. If you have a limited budget and you don’t want to play with the best graphics possible, two centers will be much more than you want.

To enjoy Full HD, you will have to need a processor enriched with a frequency above 2.5 GHz. The best recent consumer processors are the i5 and i7, the latter being the most powerful. If you think about overclocking your machine, we will remind you that this operation will expand its power dissipation and internal heat. Therefore, you must be sure to take these parameters into account when selecting additional power and cooling devices. Before stepping forward to the next step, examine that your current processor, or the one you think to purchase, is overclockable. Further, you will need an overclockable motherboard.


Your motherboard must be decorated with a socket compatible with your processor. Moreover, it should also cope with the type, frequency, capacity, format, and number of RAM modules you desire to decorate your computer with. So, you will have to pay attention to the number of expansion slots and USB ports it renders, and make sure they will fill your needs. Most motherboards are connected with an Ethernet / LAN port, yet if you would like a wireless connection, you will need a port for the wireless adapter. Some top-ranked models render direct wireless connectivity through a built-in Wi-Fi card.

If you think of decorating your machine with two graphics cards, there are certain criteria to take into account. Now, you will have to choose between the two most reliable manufacturers AMD and Nvidia and you will also have to make sure whether they are compatible to make the two graphics cards work together


RAM (Random Access Memory) is an integrated temporary memory of any PC. There are RAMs of different sizes. Hence you will need to select the right one that matches your motherboard specifications. However, about all current motherboards are compatible with DDR3 and DDR4 modules. The construction of each type of memory is different, so it is impossible to insert incompatible RAM into a motherboard. Furthermore, these two types of memory are structurally different.

The RAM capacity of your computer will be defined by the number of memory slots existing on your motherboard. Especially for gaming, 16 GB will be quite enough. However, if you want to work on a lot of software simultaneously, host virtual machines, or offer intensive tasks, you may need to decorate yourself with 32 GB of memory.


If you want to store your data, you have the option to choose between a hard drive and an SSD. If you select a hard drive, you should jump for a model suitable for gaming operating at 7200 rpm and having 8 or 16 MB of cache. However, its interface (ATA, PATA, or SATA) must fit that of the motherboard. In most cases, 250 to 500 GB of storage will be pretty sufficient for gaming. Regarding this, you should go to the most famous brands. Henceforth, you’ll get what you pay for, so steer crystal clear of cheap hard drives that might cause troubles after a while.

If you’re searching for shorter read/write times and faster loading of your games, think of getting an SSD. Due to the above reason, SSDs are more expensive than hard drives, however. So remember to take this factor into account when determining your budget. 

The Graphics Card

The graphics card being responsible for the visual representation of video games, you’ll need to orient yourself towards a version adapted to the desired resolution and images. In addition, your graphics card must be decorated with 2 to 4 GB of memory if you want to perform multitasking on your PC.

Ensure that your grafikkarten has the exact same interface (HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort) along with your computer screen. If you would like to link your PC to your TV, you have to get an HDMI interface (HDMI 2.0 for 4K displays ). Besides, you will have to make sure that your power source is powerful enough to power your own card. Be careful to examine if the arrangement of this card you select is acceptable for the instance you intend on using. To enjoy full HD, 4K gaming, and discrete display you must need a powerful GPU.

PC Case

Your case will consequently have sufficient space for all of the chambers while ensuring adequate airflow. There are different sizes of cases you will have to choose according to your choice.

Along with the dimensions of these elements, you’ll need to remember your system’s cooling system. The plan of these housings are going to influence the atmosphere flow. If you are using off-the-shelf elements and are not planning on overclocking your processor, the inventory fans will probably be more than sufficient. However, in case you’ve decided on factors that generate a great deal of heat, you probably ought to equip yourself with extra fans and perhaps even a water cooling system. Through the proper cabling system, you can ensure the safety of the other components, and it will help to look good above all.


If you want to play in 4K, you should pay special attention to your screen. According to your budget choose the highest refresh rate (minimum 75 Hz), as this will define the amount of frames that will be visualized per second (a rate of 75 Hz allows you to display 75 FPS, a frequency of 120 Hz can display 120 FPS, etc.). However, there is no point in paying a high price for a computer capable of displaying 1080p images at 120 FPS if your screen has a frequency of only 60 Hz.

If you are going to buy a widescreen, emphasize the pixel density. Moreover, your operating system is likely to have scaling issues with the highest densities. Finally, choosing the right features to assemble your gaming PC is part of the game. 

How much RAM do I really need for a gaming PC?

Conventionally, most users can purchase 8GB-16GB of RAM. Though 16GB RAM minimum is best for a high-end workstation is recommended by the experts. Actually, if you have to perform video editing, graphic designing you must need a minimum of 8GB RAM. It’s very easy to extend your RAM in the future if your needs increase, then simply add another stick to your motherboard.

ConclusionTo conclude, it can be understood that building a gaming PC for the very first time apparently might be a hectic job for you. But observing this informative article about the construction process will no longer be a terrible thing for you. Now, with all the light of your Personal accomplished knowledge regarding building gambling PC, build your dream.

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