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How to Stay Sober During Holidays

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Holidays are tough even if you aren’t sober. There is usually family drama. And there are usually gatherings with lots of alcohol.

You can stay sober during the holidays. There’s no reason why you can’t have a fun holiday while sober.

Here is how you can do it.

Tell People

You need to admit that you have a problem.

At first, you need to admit this to yourself. You don’t need to tell everyone.

But you will need to tell someone. That might be your spouse, your mom, or your best friend. It might not even be someone you’re close to.

Tell someone whom you know you can trust.

Ask them to check up on you during the holidays.

If you feel comfortable telling everyone, that’s great.

Ask your family if they don’t mind having a sober holiday.

If they have a problem with the idea, ask why.

They should be supportive of your situation.

If they aren’t willing to have a sober holiday, they might have problems, too.

Talk about your journey to sobriety and explain why it’s important to you.

Being open and honest is a difficult decision to make.

It’s a brave step. And it’s an important part of recovery.

There’s no reason to do everything by yourself.

Professional Help

If you haven’t already sought help, you should.

Professional rehab centers like Hollywood Hills Recovery are there to help.

You are more likely to recover if you seek professional help.

The holidays might be a good time to check into a rehab center.

You won’t have the same temptations that you would have at home.

There’s no alcohol, and you’ll be removed from stressful situations.

Some rehab centers allow visitors.

Depending on your situation, they might let you visit your family for the holidays. See what works best for you.

A treatment center also offers therapy.

You’ll have someone to talk to you throughout the holidays.

Rehab is a great way to start the new year.

Make getting and staying sober your resolution for the next year.

There is never a wrong time to start recovery.

But the beginning of the year is a pretty good time.

Don’t forget that sobriety is something to celebrate. You should enjoy yourself during the holidays.

You don’t need to have drinks to have a nice Christmas.

Sober Activities

There are lots of fun sober activities.

The great thing is that these activities are family friendly.

You want to set a good example for your kids or for the young ones in the family. Sober activities are a great way to do that.

Play a card game or a board game.

Go out into the woods and chop down a Christmas tree.

Sing Christmas carols or watch some of your favorite holiday movies.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, there are plenty of other winter activities.

Go ice skating or for a fun winter hike.

Create your own tradition. Do whatever you enjoy most.

Learn to cook a new dish that you’ve always wanted to eat.

Or explore new types of cuisine. There’s no reason that holidays have to mean turkey and ham. You can have whatever you want.

Involve the whole family in the cooking process.


Mocktails are a great pairing with any meal.

There are more sober drinks than just club soda.

Here is a list from the Mindful Mocktail.

Mocktails are just what they sound like. They are non-alcoholic cocktails.

There is no reason why a cocktail needs alcohol to taste good.

There are so many delicious drinks out there.

If it helps you have fun, pour the mocktail into a wine glass.

Try out a new recipe every day.

It will give you something to look forward to while staying sober.

Explore the world of non-alcoholic spirits.

There is more out there than you would think.

Remove Yourself

It’s hard to stay away from family during the holidays.

But your main priority should be getting and staying sober.

If you find that staying away from family helps you do that, you should.

It will be a hard conversation to have.

Your friends and family might not like it.

But if they really care about you and want to help, they’ll understand.

If not now, they might understand later.

Seek out a community of sober friends.

If you need to spend the holiday by yourself, there’s nothing wrong with that.

You can be your own best friend.


Staying sober during the holidays is tough. But it’s an achievable goal.

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