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How to Improve Your Company Website

by Abdus Subhan
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According to Google, over 8 in 10 consumers in the U.S. conduct online searches before visiting a store.

That’s enough reason to make your company website attractive, fast, and organized. Its design should cater to your target market’s needs and desires. Because if it’s not, it can put off visitors, causing them to take their business to your competitors.

If you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry. Below are the top tips to improve business website design and performance, so read on.

Build a Website Made for Mobile

Today, over 90% of internet users use their mobile phones to access the internet. So, it’s no wonder nearly two-thirds of web traffic originates from mobile devices.

For the same reason, you must ensure your website displays correctly on such gadgets. This is what web designers and developers refer to as “responsive design.”

A website with a responsive design renders well on whichever device a user uses to access it.

For example, if a visitor uses a smartphone, the website responds to its screen size. It then appears as a single page that only scrolls up and down rather than up, down, left, and right. That makes it easier to navigate, making visitors feel more satisfied.

Use a Website Visitor Tracking Tool

A website visitor tracking tool provides data about site visitors and their actions. For example, it can tell you if a company or an individual visited your site and what they did during their visit. It can also tell you which pages they visited, how long they were on each page, and which buttons they clicked.

Therefore, you can use such a tool to determine which pages work and which don’t. You can then examine the latter to see what’s wrong and how to fix and improve it.

Two of the most popular site visitor tracking tools are Lead Forensics and CANDDi. Here’s a Lead Forensics vs CANDDi comparison guide you can read to learn more about the two.

Keep Your Pages Speedy

Your site’s bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on one of your site’s pages and then leave. The higher it is, the worse, as it implies they don’t check anything else on your site, much less buy what you sell.

One way to cut your bounce rates is to ensure your website features fast-loading pages. After all, no one wants to wait long, so you should aim to make your web pages load in 1 to 2 seconds. According to experts, 4 in 10 visitors will leave a site or close a page if it takes over 3 seconds to load.

To boost page speeds, compress and optimize the images you’ve uploaded onto them. You may also want to use WebP, a compact image file format that retains high image quality.

Convert More Leads With Your Enhanced Company Website

Here’s one last stat for you: 3 in 4 consumers check a business’s online presence before they check it out in person. So if they think your site doesn’t meet their standards, they’ll unlikely do business with you.

Don’t wait for more of that to happen. Instead, follow our tips to turn your company website into a lead generator and converter.

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