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How to Have a Successful Office Relocation

by Talha Seo
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Office relocations have a positive impact on an estimated 68% of office workers. Office relocations give companies the opportunity to address their changing needs, whether that’s moving closer to your employees or gaining much-needed space.

The only problem? If you don’t prepare for your office moving in advance, you’re going to hit a lot of roadblocks. As much as an office relocation is what your business needs, it can create unexpected costs and distractions.

Read on to learn how to have a successful office relocation without the stress or major financial setbacks.

Decide What Goes

When you’re moving to a new office space, you have the opportunity to upgrade. That can mean replacing old office supplies, getting ergonomic office furniture, and more.

There’s no point in moving furniture and inventory that you don’t intend to keep. Before you start packing, decide what goes to the new office and what you can get rid of. (Don’t forget to budget for replacement furniture!)

Hire Help

It may seem tempting to call your employees in on a long weekend to move everything as a team. The only problem? That’s not in their job description and if something goes wrong, it may turn into a bit of an insurance issue.

Skip the liability and hire professionals to help you move into your new office. This includes packers and movers with commercial experience. View this final mile logistics service to see what thorough office relocation looks like down to the last box.

Prevent Productivity Loss

If you’re moving locally, you may be able to complete your entire office move in a single weekend. However, moves that cover more distance (or that involve a ton of inventory) tend to take a little longer. How will you prevent a ton of productivity loss?

Make a work-from-home plan to cover all urgent tasks and projects. If your employees can’t operate at full speed until the new office is set up, make sure to let all of your partners and clients know ahead of time.

Plan Your New Office Layout

It’s always a good idea to check out your new office before you start the relocation process. At the very least, make sure that you have the schematics on hand.

Planning the layout of your office furniture is a great way to streamline the move-in process. Start by planning where large essential pieces (like shelving and file cabinets) will go. Then create a plan for all of your desks and meeting spaces so you can direct your movers on move-in day.

Don’t Take On an Office Relocation Without a Plan

An office relocation is often one of the best things you can do for your growing company. Use our relocating tips to create an airtight plan to reduce stress, costs, and unexpected setbacks.

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