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The 6 Bags Every Man Needs

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Bags Every Man Needs

If the term “man bag” makes you recoil in horror, you need our new guide! 

Murses, man bags, or money belts, whatever you want to call them, they’re insanely on-trend right now. While it used to be that men could only get away with a tote bag or drawstring backpack, creativity has finally made its way to men’s accessories. 

On top of being stylish, men’s bags are functional too. Carry a bag and you won’t have to overstuff your pockets any longer and risk losing your stuff!

We’ve created this guide for all the men out there that need a little help when it comes to easing their way into men’s bags. We’ve picked out the top 6 styles that every man should have in his wardrobe. 

Where to Shop for Men’s Bags

Don’t know what to shop for in men’s bags? As you look through our list, remember that you can find any of these bags on boohooMAN. Visit boohooMAN and you can shop for a number of stylish bags for men, all at affordable prices. 

The best part? You can find free coupons online that will help you save on all your purchases. Just head over to a coupon website like BravoDeal, which hand verifies all their coupons:

  1. Backpack

Some articles of clothing for men are just classics. Just like baseball caps, sneakers, and leather belts, backpacks should be an essential part of any men’s wardrobe. Not only are they incredibly functional but new designs made from leather or suede are incredibly stylish too. 

The style of backpack you choose depends on your lifestyle. If you’re active or a regular commuter, opt for a bag with mesh panels and adjustable straps to keep it comfortable. If you want a backpack that’s acceptable for bringing to work, try a leather backpack or tote bag in a smart-casual style. 

  1. Tote Bag

A tote bag is a perfect mix between a backpack and a briefcase. Whether you need to stash your gym clothes or head to a meeting, a tote bag has the formality and function to get the job done. The key to choosing the right bag is all about the materials. If you need a bag for work, opt for leather or nylon. If you’re looking for a casual bag, the canvas is fine. 

  1. Briefcase

A professional and polished briefcase is a city worker’s best friend. If you buy one from a trusted brand, you only have to buy it once and it’ll last you a lifetime. If you regularly wear a suit to work, a briefcase is a must-have. When choosing a briefcase, just make sure to pick a shade of leather that matches your shoes. 

Here are some briefcase styles guaranteed to earn you that promotion!

  1. Weekend Bag

Whether your plans involve a luxury hotel or camping in the woods, you’ll need the ultimate weekend bag to stow your stuff. While weekend bags won’t allow you to pack for an entire week-long vacation, you’ll be able to bring a neat capsule wardrobe and other essentials. 

Just be sure to check the dimensions if you plan on using your bag as a carry-on. 

  1. Gym Bag

Whether you’re a regular in the weight room or a first-timer, a sturdy gym is necessary for carrying all your stuff and might even inspire you to go work out! If you’re using your gym bag after work, you’ll want to make sure you choose a size that can accommodate your work gear and your gym equipment. 

  1. Messenger Bag 

A messenger bag offers a lot of utility without skimping on aesthetics. You’ll have just enough room to carry essentials like your wallet and sunglasses all while keeping your hands free. Adjustable straps, inter and external pockets,  and buckeòed fasteners are a staple in these bags, so pick and choose the accessories which you need for your satchel. 

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