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How to Get a Thousand Free Followers on a New IG Account

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Free Followers on a New IG Account

How to create a new Instagram account and get a thousand followers instantly? Learn how to get instant 1k Instagram followers free from scratch with a 100% working and reliable trick.

Suppose you are new to Instagram and created your account to occasionally share photos and upload stories with your friends. In that case, you don’t need to get thousands of followers. However, if you want to create a social media presence and make money from Instagram, getting a thousand Instagram followers free is your first step. Although 1K followers on Instagram are not a lot, you need to clear this milestone to ensure that your uploads reach more people.  

Social media platforms such as Instagram are best for growing your business as you can promote your products and services to millions of people. All the big-name brands, influencers, and celebrities use Instagram to spread their brand name to a wider audience and make more money. If you want to get in the same league, using an Instagram like app such as the Followers Gallery can help you a lot. You can use it to get more followers, and thousands of Instagram story views free daily.   

Get a Thousand Followers Head Start with Followers Gallery

Growing on Instagram takes effort because you need to attract more people by uploading great content. It also takes a lot of time because you can’t just start an Instagram account, and your posts start reaching everyone. However, an Instagram tool like the Followers Gallery can help you get a thousand Instagram followers free in one day. Followers Gallery is a third-party app that enables users to grow on Instagram by offering free followers. It also offers paid packages, where you can get as many followers as you want based on how much you are willing to spend.

Followers Gallery Guide

Follow these steps to get a thousand followers head start on your new Instagram account.

STEP 1: Visit, start by downloading and installing the Followers Gallery app on your smartphone. You can also access it from your computer’s browser.

STEP 2: Log in if you already have a Followers Gallery; else, sign up to create a new one.

STEP 3: You only need to enter your IG username to connect your account with Followers Gallery. The app will not ask for your IG password, so you don’t have to worry about security. 

STEP 4: Start by purchasing followers with the sign-up bonus. If you want more coins, you can complete daily tasks or spend money to get them.

STEP 5: After you complete your tasks, you can head back to the shop and redeem an instant or daily follower package.

Tips for Getting More Views on Instagram

  • To increase your Instagram story views free, try adding stickers once in a while to engage the audience. If your story looks attractive, people are most likely to view it.
  • Come up with a content calendar where you decide which type of content you will be uploading each day. Having a schedule will attract more viewers.
  • Try to do QNAs in your stories. If the audience likes your QNAs, you will get more followers and likes.
  • Make giveaway announcements in your stories to attract everyone who might be interested in it. 

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