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How to Draw Yourself Near To God?

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How to Draw Yourself Near To God?

In the hustle of life, where we enjoy ourselves indulging in social media, traveling, sporting events, and doing our respective jobs, we sometimes forget to seek God’s blessing and thank him for everything we have.

More so, many things around us distract us from praying. You must follow some powerful ways to draw yourself near the Lord Jesus Christ with a sincere heart. So, let’s know these effective ways or Bible Verses About Jesus to feel the presence and grace of God.

1. Follow the Pathway of Praying

Pray to God with a sincere heart and faith every day. You will automatically feel a profound relationship developing with him. As your prayer deepens, your belief in God gets more robust. Seeing your trust and devotion in God, he’ll bless you with more positivity. Sooner or later, you realize he is connected with you and guides you at every step or situation. And this is one of the ways you can draw yourself near God with sincere prayers and a pure heart.

2. Study the Bible Thoroughly

The Bible is the most critical and must-follow way to draw near to God. Studying the Bible takes you on a spiritual path where you understand the truths and learn about God’s presence. Reading the scriptures gives you a pearl of wisdom and connects you to him. You only need to delve into the Bible to get a clearer picture of God’s love, plans, and promises.  Bible Reasons has extensive short Bible Quotes, Bible Verses, and much more to study to enrich spiritual lives. These resources help to strengthen your connection with God and take you to the route of spirituality, where you understand God’s plan and love for you.

3. Pen Down Devotional Notes 

Make a habit of writing devotional lines before bed or early morning when you wake up. These devotional notes give you a route to get closer to God. For continuous spiritual growth, maintaining this habit of writing takes you close to spirituality. 

Thus, dedicate one or two hours daily to true spiritual life and feel the power of faith. Then, your life that day will feel enriched, and your heart will be bright and clear. God’s blessings stay with you if you follow the right way of writing devotional notes.

4. Intercede for Others

Your route to God’s path is evident when you think right for others or pray for others. Interceding for others is an act of kindness, presenting your pure soul and a way to express love and care.  Seeing your affection for others, God blesses you with more joy, love, positivity, and abundance.

Your good intentions for others deepen your relationships with God and fellow humans, and this way, you get all the love you deserve.

5. Confess Your Sin To God

You can follow the path of confessing your sins to God. He’s the only one who releases you from the guilt you have for your sins. As humans, somewhere and somehow, we have sinned. For mercy, you must accept and confess your sins to God. God will brighten your life with his forgiveness once you come out of the path of darkness. At Bible Reasons, you can read the Bible verses daily to find the love and blessings of God. Also, you can sing or listen to worship music or podcasts.


If you are seriously looking for the right ways to draw yourself closer to God, then follow the path of praying, reading the Bible, writing devotional notes, listening to worship music, keeping your intentions pure for others, and numerous other such ways to grow spiritually and strengthen your bond with God. You must practice these ways or Bible Verses About Jesus dedicatedly to get joy, love, peace, and blessings from God. You can also contact us by visiting our website. We are here to share God’s words with you to bring positivity and a new path of lighting you have been looking for for a long time. Let’s build an intimate relationship with Him.

Trust the process of praying with us because we witness several lives changing from the hell of darkness to the brightening one. Join us in knowing God and connecting yourself to him to seek love and peace. Our Bible verses give you teaching, hope, and inner strength to follow the spiritual path to meet God.

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