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How to avoid feeling sleepy during study hours

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Last modified on November 28th, 2022 at 8:47 am

How to avoid feeling sleepy during study hours

Have you ever caught yourself off guard dosing away in the middle of an important assignment or while studying something for an exam? This is a common problem students go through especially in high school and college. Amidst so many activities and classes, managing an academic and social life, self-care comes pretty low on the priority list. But don’t beat yourself over it, it’s only natural to feel exhausted. what matters is how you deal with it.

To get good grades and keep yourself motivated through the session, you need some hacks. These research-backed tips can help you;

Maintain study strategy

 You cannot sit down to study without a study strategy. It is very useful and recommended to avoid feeding sleepy. You might want to use your school LMS portal to keep you updated and motivated about the topics you have to complete for the day. Decide what you have to study for each session, and calculate the amount of progress you would make after the decision. 

When students have a goal in mind, they don’t focus on taking a break they focus on completing a task as soon as possible with maximum efficiency. 

Don’t get too comfortable

You might be tempted to sit on your bed or be a couch potato and study all day long. At least that is what most students think. In real practice, this is not very favorable because a monotonous atmosphere makes you sleepy, and lying down or getting too comfortable does not get you up and moving to absorb the information, it simply makes you crave more comfort. When it is study time, sit straight at your desk, and avoid using scenic areas. Remember, studying takes a lot of discipline and so does following your study strategy.

Fix your posture

Sitting upright increases concentration, and keeps a student comfortable yet not too comfortable to want and take a nap. A human brain has 1000 trillion synaptic connections responsible for synapses of memory, information absorption, and concentration. Sitting straight while holding your head high also improves blood circulation, preventing you from dozing off.

Stay hydrated

Although this is a generic suggestion, it is the most underrated. The rules are simple, drink more water! Drinking water keeps your brain awake because it is quite literally 75% water itself. Dehydration causes headaches, and sleep issues. Especially when you have a night session, grab a bottle of water and keep it on your desk. There is a direct relation between steel hydrated and scoring better. As a plus point, it also improves your skin! No more bad grades, and no more self-esteem issues.

Eat well

Salty and sugary foods are tempting but recommended for students only in moderation. Eating a lot at any point of time during the day can make you sleepy. A healthy student’s diet should include a lot of fiber healthy fats, water-soluble fats, and food for a brain like nuts, vegetables, fresh fruits, eggs, etc. These energize you and keep you awake and active for longer durations.

Use activity learning methodologies

Too tired of sitting at the same spot and studying? Try some practical activity-based learning methodologies recommended in LMS Portals to make things interesting and improve your concentration. Passive reading is not the only method that will make you score better, but discussing topics in your classroom, summarizing notes with colorful highlighters, and exploring extra details apart from your syllabus are useful active learning methods. It prepares the brain of a student with effective learning procedures.

Mix and match tasks

You need to switch between subjects and tasks and study each one for not more than 40 minutes. Studying the same thing for hours on end makes you inefficient and sleepy. Switch between activities of making notes, gathering study resources, learning portions, completing assignments, and so on instead of fixing one day for each activity. You complete more work using this strategy.

Keep moving

Routine exercise should be a part of your day already, it keeps your mind and body healthy. Strengthening the body is important, and quick stretching, if not cardio, can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. It boosts metabolism, elevates oxygen levels, keeps your digestive system healthy, an appetite, and maintains normal blood circulation. For improving overall performance, you need to keep moving.

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