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How Can You Change Your Home Address on iPhone?

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Last modified on October 11th, 2022 at 4:25 pm

Change Your Home Address on iPhone

Changing your address from your iPhone is useful sometimes. In certain situations, people change home address on iPhone when they want to from Apple Maps or Google Maps. It is sometimes beneficial to save you from many inconveniences. Imagine you are out and you need to send your home location to someone, then how will do be able to do this? There is no such way except changing your location from navigation systems in your iPhones. This is the easiest way to let people believe that you are at the changed location. There are multiple ways to change your location on your iPhone by using Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Change Your Location or Home Address from iPhone Autofill:

You can simply change your location with iPhone Autofill which is already in the software. This is for the people who simply don’t want to change their location and home address with iPhone location changer app. With the help of iPhone Autofill, all you have to do is fill the form on the browser and your location will be changed completely. You can go to your profile on iPhone settings and can press the button “Edit”. From this, you can go to Safari and can choose the AutoFill option, and change your location there. By this, you will not have to change your location every time you open Maps and Navigations.

You Can Also Edit Your Apple ID Address for This Method:

Here is another option for changing your home address from the iPhone other than AutoFill. For this, go to the Settings on your iPhone. Then tap iTunes and then go to the Apple Store and view Apple ID below Account Settings. Here you can select your new location. You can do this without any help from other app and software sources. This process is easier and you can be able to change your home address by accepting some terms and conditions on the phone.

Change Your Home Location with Google Maps on iPhone:

Other than using Safari or iPhone Settings, you can simply change your home address here on Google Maps. For this, you need to download the app and can choose the icon on the top left corner. Afterward, you can tap on Your Places and a new window will open up. Edit your location from the options button in the new window. Choose the right location and after that, your address will be changed and you will not need to modify it again.  

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