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3 Things You Should Look for When Buying a Gaming Desk

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Buying a Gaming Desk

Picking a gaming PC might seem straightforward at first glance, but there are tons of different desks on the market and they can either greatly enhance or hinder your experience. Some gaming desks have advanced features like integrated lighting that could be great if you want something that will enhance the overall look of your gaming room while other desks are more customizable and adjustable than others. This is why you need to learn a thing or two about gaming desks before you start looking for one. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should look for when buying a gaming desk.

Surface Area

You want a desk that will have enough space for your computer needs now and in the future. Think about some of the accessories you’ll like to add. Would you like to add big external speakers? Or maybe you’d like to get a big curved monitor or multiple monitors at some point? These are all things that will influence how big of a desk you need.

Compartments and Storage

Some people will like the desk to have a compartment for their tower at the very least, so look for one that has that feature if this is a priority for you. Others will prefer their keyboard to be on a tray while some people will prefer it to stand directly on the table. This is all a question of preference, but know that a tray will limit your range of movement and will make using a mouse a bit more cumbersome, so consider a desk without a tray.

If you need something that will double as a work desk, then you have to look at a desk that has multiple storage options but still plenty of leg room and a large surface area. If you’re looking for a desk that you can use for virtually any task, Lenovo gaming desks are an option.


The desk’s material will affect how good it will look, its durability, and how comfortable to use it will be. Wood desks, for instance, have a great aesthetic, but their surface isn’t always the smoothest. You can use a mouse on a laminate desk with no mouse pad with no issues while you may not feel as comfortable on a wooden desk. This might seem like a minor detail but will make a difference over time. 

Materials like laminate, glass, and metal are also easier to clean. But they’re not all easy to modify. Some people like to drill holes into their desks for better cable management, and while this will be easy on a wooden or laminate table, you’ll have an impossible time trying to do this on a metal or glass desk, so think about that.

These are all things you need to pay special attention to when looking at gaming desks. Look at as many models as you can and learn about their specificities if you want to find the absolute best desk for you.

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