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Genetic Expressions: FaceApp in Family History

by Noman Jabbar
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Every living organism is composed of a set of protein sequences that are arranged in a specific double spiral pattern. This micro molecule, Known as DNA, is made by genes containing different types of sequences that actually store every bit of information that is needed by the body to develop and become an actual person by starting just from a single cell.

DNA guides the cells to grow and come into an existing shape. All the features that are present in the human body, like hair type, nose shape, eye shape, the height of an individual, or any birthmarks, are dependent on the information inside the DNA.

Information that comes to DNA is a mixture of genes that is taken equally by both parents. These genes, through mixing and sequencing, give rise to a single DNA protein.

DNA Studies

There are some major advancements being made in the field of DNA studies, and there is a lot of information that we still don’t know about it yet. DNA studies are helping humans in many ways. It is a cheat code for humans because the insights DNA studies can give you are astonishing. DNA testing can be used for:

  1. DNA Ancestry Test

DNA ancestry testing is a type of genetic testing that utilizes DNA to determine an individual’s geographical heritage and locate long-lost blood relations. The DNA taken from the individual is analyzed and matched with databases stored for different ethnicities and cultures. This helps find out the percentage of connection of the individual to a specific ethnicity. DNA ancestry tests can also help look for lost blood relatives, but that depends on whether the relative has ever taken a DNA test or not.

  1. Paternity Test: 

Sometimes, a question may arise in the father’s mind, “Is this child really mine?”. To confirm such suspicions, we use a paternity DNA test. These tests are performed by taking swabs from the cheek of the father and the child. The DNA of the potential father and the child is then analyzed and matched to find out whether the man is actually the biological father of the child. 

  1. Facial Recognition App: 

A new feature on the rise is facial recognition app that use photos or videos to help analyze the facial features of an individual and help identify them. This feature is still in the process of advancement, but it is under use in a number of countries for different purposes,  for security reasons.

  1. Health Diagnostics: DNA tests can be used for early detection of diseases or to find out if you’re more susceptible to some disease than the normal population. The DNA sample of an individual is taken and decoded to look for genetic mutations in it. This helps diagnose potential risks of certain diseases and also to evaluate the general health of the individual.

At Home DNA Kits

Specific individuals may not be comfortable with taking DNA tests at a laboratory, mainly due to privacy concerns. Hence, there are testing kits available at general drug stores that allow you to take a DNA test from the comfort of your home. 

Tracking your genetic traits through Face App 

DNA studies can help an individual find its origin. Answering questions like where he came from, who were their actual ancestors, and what demographic area they belonged to. Genetic studies can even tell you how you’ve got the traits you have. Are they more related to your mother, father, or your aunts or uncles? Genetic testing now has recognized different types of markers in your body that can be used to find any specific sequence inside your DNA.

Different types of Face Apps on your mobile now have such features through which they can scan your facial features and tell you more about your genetic makeup. It can be used to identify similarities between family members, find how you inherited your genetic traits, and find your relatives.

Through the use of Face Apps, it is possible to take a paternity test, too, by matching the facial features of the potential father with the child’s. This helps find similarities in their faces and also predicts the percentage of similarities in facial structures.


DNA testing is a test that examines a person’s DNA for particular genetic sequences. The genetic substance that makes up all living things is DNA. It is composed of a lengthy sequence of nucleotides, the building units of DNA. DNA studies can help an individual find different aspects of life that he could never know. It can tell you your deepest secrets, and it can help you live a good, healthy life, too. Through the use of Face Apps, it has become pretty easy to evaluate more about yourself through just pictures. Although there are still concerns about its accuracy, it can still be taken in addition to DNA tests to get the best results.

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