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Future Prospects Is OMR Still a Good Real Estate Investment

by Noman Jabbar
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Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), fondly recognized as Chennai’s “IT Corridor”, has witnessed a whirlwind transformation over the past few decades. From serene stretches of countryside to a hub that houses major IT giants, OMR’s journey has been phenomenal. This trajectory has naturally made OMR a prime target for real estate aficionados. But with markets evolving and the landscape shifting, a pressing question emerges: Does OMR still hold its charm for real estate investors?

Historical Overview

In the early 2000s, OMR began its transformation. What was once a tranquil region, became the beating heart of Chennai’s tech prowess. Tech conglomerates established their campuses, which meant an influx of professionals from different parts of India. This migration required housing, leading to the growth of vast residential complexes. Restaurants, malls, and recreational centers followed, all catering to this demographic, leading to an undeniable boom in property values.

Current Market Scenario

Recent times have seen OMR experience a shift in real estate dynamics:

  1. Saturation Concerns: A prevalent belief is that OMR has reached a saturation point, implying limited potential for property value appreciation.
  2. Infrastructure Bottlenecks: Rapid urbanization has brought challenges, like water scarcity and traffic woes, which can deter potential investors.
  3. Market Maturity: Rapid, exponential growth, like what OMR witnessed in the early 2000s, is naturally challenging to sustain over extended periods.

But it’s vital to see beyond immediate market fluctuations and understand the bigger picture.

Reasons Why OMR Still Holds Potential

  1. Persistent IT Sector Growth: The IT boom might have normalized, but the sector isn’t dormant. Innovations ensure new startups emerge, and existing companies evolve, thereby maintaining property demand.
  2. Infrastructure Upgrades on the Horizon: Authorities recognize OMR’s challenges. Proposals for improved roadways, water management, and better public transportation can rejuvenate the real estate landscape.
  3. Relative Affordability: Despite its growth, Flats in OMR for sale are modest compared to metropolitans like Mumbai and Delhi. This affordability hints at room for potential appreciation.
  4. Embracing the Remote Work Era: Post-pandemic work models emphasize remote and hybrid working. This trend amplifies the demand for spacious homes in localities like OMR, which offers both urban amenities and a sense of calm.

Risks to Ponder

  1. IT Sector Dependency: OMR’s heavy reliance on IT means economic changes impacting this sector will ripple into its real estate market.
  2. Project Delays: Infrastructure promises are aplenty, but delays can stagnate growth.


In essence, while OMR might not replicate its astronomical growth rates from yesteryears, it remains a robust real estate contender. Its foundation in IT, upcoming infrastructural advancements, and alignment with modern work trends make it a region worth considering. For astute investors who approach the market with research, patience, and a long-term perspective, OMR can still be a treasure trove of opportunities. As the old adage goes, it’s not just about timing the market; it’s also about time in the market.

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