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Fashionable And Trendy Gift Items To Give On Teddy Day

by Syed Qasim
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You know that there are specific gift items that are meant for particular days that are in the Valentine’s week calendar. The fourth day of the calendar is Teddy Day, and couples look for soft toys or teddies to give their partners on this day. However, soft toys or teddies are not the only option that can be considered to be gifted on this day, as there are several other collections of goodies that are perfect for your sweetheart.

So, if you are looking for some of the best Valentine gifts online then you can go through this article and choose the one that will make your partner go head over heels for you and fall in love with you. Listed here are some of the excellent gifts that you can give to your darling on Teddy Day as well as Valentine’s Day, so let’s have a look at them.

Teddy Bear Printed Water Bottle Or Tumbler

Tumblers and water bottles are things that are used by both men and women in daily life, and they are some of the most functional gifts that you can get for your partner. Now you must be wondering that it’s just a bottle, so what makes it special to be gifted on Teddy Day? Well, dear friend, you can get a tumbler or bottle with teddies printed or a mini teddy bear on the cap. Other than that, you can take normal bottles or tumblers and get them printed with cute teddy bears to make them look attractive.

Coffee Mug With Teddy Handle

Have you seen those coffee mugs that have unique and attractive handles? If yes, then you know that you can get one that has a teddy bear shape handle so that you can give it as a gift to your partner on this Teddy Day. Gifting a coffee mug with a normal teddy print on the surface is quite common; hence, if you want to give something different, you can opt for this mug. Some mugs also have spoons that have a silicon teddy bear on their end to stir the beverages that are put in the mugs to drink.

Teddy-Shaped Accessories

These days, teddy bear accessories and jewelry are in trend, and guys and girls are in love with them. You can place an order or customize teddy day gifts from a reputed gifting store so that you can gift it to your partner on this day. Teddy bear pendants, keychains, rings, earrings, belts, etc., are some pieces of jewelry and accessories that you can opt to buy for your partner who loves to have cute and mini things in their belongings.

Apparel With Teddy Prints

Hoodies, t-shirts, aprons, socks, etc., are some of the apparel that can be the best gifts for Teddy Day. Some hoodies that completely resemble teddy bears look cute because they are made with the same fabric and fur and also have small tails and teddy ears in them. You can get them in a reputable gifting store at an affordable price, so you must order them beforehand so that they will arrive on the day you want to give.

Cozy Slipper With Bear Faces On Top

You can also give a cozy home slipper to your partner so that he/ she won’t move around in the house barefoot. When you go to look for these slippers, you will find different designs and colors available, so you can choose the one that has a teddy face or figure in it so that it can match the vibe of that day. There are some stores that offer you a couple of benefits and discounts so you can order for both of you and avail of those offers. This way, you both will have the same pairs and can wear them as coupled items to flex them before others.

Teddy Bear Phone Cases

Phone cases are one of the most important accessories that everyone has these days to protect their mobile phones from damages that are caused due to falls and other factors. This gives you an opportunity to buy teddy bear phone cases for your partner so that he/she can put them on the phone and protect it from damage. You can also buy a pop socket along with the phone case with a teddy bear print so that both accessories can match each other.


Since there are specific gifts for each day of the Valentine’s calendar, why should you give other gifts on Teddy Day? Isn’t it better to give the things that are related and have a matching vibe as that of the day that is being celebrated? So whether you opt for teddy bear accessories or mugs, phone cases, or slippers, you will definitely make your partner happy and make him/her fall in love with you even more.

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