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Make Family History Books for the Family

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Wouldn’t you like to know who the ancestors were who contributed to the family history? Were they good people or interesting scoundrels? Were they related to royalty? Some very important information would be about the diseases they suffered from. Did they serve in wars and become heroes? Since everyone except native Americans were immigrants at one time or another, when did these ancestors come to America?

Why Make a Family History Book?

Well-done family history books can take many forms from an informative document to an entertaining story. The book can cover family genealogy and has copies of important family historical documents. Every form of family history book will be treasured by family members. These studies in family genealogy and history can become useful for future family members, as well as those receiving the book now.

It is not always easy to find historical documents and facts to back up family stories one has grown up hearing. But there are genealogical researchers available to serve those looking into their family history. The money spent on these services will be worth it if hard-to-get information is found. Researchers charge by the hour of time they spend researching and then other expenses might be for travel, repository fees, and copying fees. It is common for this type of project to take 15 to 25 hours of research.

When hiring a researcher to help write a family history book, it is wise to give them a firm budget and stick to it. Also, decide which research can be done by family members for free, and then pay for the hard-to-find documents. There are also family history writing kits ranging from $13.00 up to $99.00 and more. These kits help you end up with a professional-looking bound book.

People write family histories for many reasons including to feel wiser and more important, to tell the family story, to find important health information, to keep the family memories alive so they are not forgotten, and to preserve a piece of history. Some people feel their ancestors made important contributions to society and want to document that.

Family History as a Hobby

There are numerous people who started looking into their family history and spent many happy hours during their whole lives chasing different family stories and looking many generations back for relatives around the world. For many, this family history search is never completed and is passed down to a younger family member to complete. In the search for family history, a person can reconnect with relatives and make a lot of new friends. Trips can be planned around looking for one aspect of family history. This can become a family project with parents and children doing research together.

Sharing Family History with the Public

Some people decide their family history is important enough, and do a good enough job writing it, that they can send it to the library of congress. As well as writing that family history for your close relatives, you may want to send a copy to the Library of Congress. Stored there, the history might help other people do research on their family histories or other historical events. This is also a resource to help a person write their family history in the best way possible.

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