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Everything You Need to Know About Okuma Lathe CNC Machines

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Last modified on November 26th, 2023 at 3:42 pm

CNC machines have a heavy influence on our modern manufacturing processes. The way we manufacture goods has been evolving for quite a long time now. Today, it allows us to make our processes more efficient and seamless than ever before.

One of these practical and efficient machine tools includes CNC lathe machines. CNC lathe machines are used to remove excess metal from a workpiece, to give it the required size and shape.

The use of lathe machines can be dated back to 1300 BC, where the Egyptians used a very primitive machine design. However, it was only in the late 20th century; the CNC lathe machines were designed with accuracy and technological advancements. At present, CNC lathe machines are one of the essential metal removal machines in the industry.

Want to learn more about CNC lathe machines? Let’s try and understand what CNC lathe machines are all about.

How Do CNC Lathe Machines Work?

The primary concepts for all CNC Lathe machines are more or less similar, but various unique aspects make them different from each other. A menu-like user interface is used to control the lathe machines over the computer. All the functions are automated and are supervised by an operator. CNC lathe machines spiral pieces of metal at a breakneck pace and carve off strips of the metal with an immovable cutting tool.

The finished products achieved with CNC lathe machines are very accurate in terms of shape and texture. The machine works in complete sync with various mechanisms and drives segments that stir and regulate the axes to carry out the programmed actions.

Distinct Parts and Components of CNC Lathe Machines     

The main configuration of CNC lathe machines comprises various parts and components that facilitate synchronized actions. The components on a CNC lathe machine may vary based on the configuration of the machines. However, these are a few of many essential components that are found on a CNC lathe machine:

  • Main Spindle: The spindle drive system and the spindle assembly make the main spindle of a CNC lathe machine. This part of the machine includes gears, motors, and the chuck.
  • Headstock: The headstock of a CNC lathe machine is responsible for holding the main spindle where the chuck is firmly fixed. It comprises three main parts known as gear shifts, spindle, and the speed change mechanism. When the machines are operating, the headstock takes the load of a lot of vibrations and resistance.
  • Tailstock: The tailstock is a movable part of the CNC lathe machine and lies opposite to a spindle. This part can be changed to suit the requirement of the finished product. It is made up of a barrel that can move either backward or forward. We can even support the material using this barrel.
  • Saddle: The is an H-shaped component, and its job is to help the cross slide move forward and backward. It is usually located over the carriage of the CNC lathe machine.
  • Bed: The bed is one of the essential components of a CNC lathe machine. This part does not move very often and is usually settled in a particular point where it can support the other parts of the machine, such as carriage, headstock, tailstock, and other parts.
  • Carriage: The carriage plays a significant role in the functioning of a CNC lathe machine as it enables the mounting of the tool post. It consists of top glide, saddle, traverse, and composite support. Its only range of motion is that it rotates in the left and right direction.

Today, the market is flooded with options for CNC machines, making it a confusing affair when sticking to one specific tool. Yes, we understand the confusion; therefore, we suggest you try out Okuma CNC lathe machines as they are among the best lathe machines available in the market.

Variants in CNC lathe machines

In general, CNC lathe machines come in two different variants. These are the CNC vertical lathe machine and the CNC horizontal lathe machine.

  • CNC Vertical Lathe Machine: This machine cuts the angles and positions that are usually difficult to reach. It does so by rotating in a perpendicular position, similar to how a potter operates a pottery wheel. Vertical lathe machines help handle large and heavy materials.
  • CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine: This machine is very commonly used in workshops. It uses tools to give the material the required shape and size. It does so by rotating the piece of metal in a circular motion. These machines generally have more significant footprints than the vertical machine.

The Market for Used Industrial Machinery:

Running large-scale operations using the best CNC machines can be challenging as most organizations are currently running on limited budgets. The situation gives rise to the purchase of used machinery markets.

Today, a majority of industries prefer buying second-hand machinery for their operations. Buying used industrial machinery for sale turns out to be a wise investment as the used machines are in good working conditions and at affordable prices.


The capabilities of the CNC lathe machines have heavily contributed to the growth and advancements we see today in the manufacturing industry.

Okuma CNC machines may often turn out to be expensive for new businesses, so if you are short on a budget, you can check out used Okuma Lathes for sale.

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