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Don’t Let the Bugs In: How This Amazon Bug Screen for Doors Changes the Game

by abdullahbaloch
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Summer and spring are incredible times of the year to spend outdoors and get some fresh air. One downside, however, is all the bugs and other pesky animals that can put a damper on your outdoor oasis. If you’re wondering how you can get the best of both worlds without spending a fortune on an outdoor furniture unit, consider an Amazon bug screen for doors. Not sure if this is the investment for you? Read on to see how they can help improve your summer and spring time activities:


The backyard barbeque is a summer staple that many people love to participate in. And as many people know, citronella candles and bug spray can only do so much – and they smell a bit funky. Bring all the joys of the outside in with a bug screen that attaches to your doorways. You can even add these to multiple doors in your home so a beautiful and comfortable crossbreeze filters through your home. You can even continue to enjoy the savory smells coming from the grill and enjoy lunch or dinner without constantly swatting away pesky mosquitoes or flies. 

Kids playing

Many bug screen doors utilize a great magnetic feature that automatically closes after it has been opened. This makes it a perfect addition to a home where kids are constantly running inside and out with their friends. Many parents know the struggle of trying to get their children to close doors properly. Instead of constant lectures on proper door etiquette, install a bug screen door with magnets to ensure the doorway gets closed everytime without any bugs or creepy crawlies getting inside your clean home and causing havoc.

Turn off the a/c

Depending on where you live, you might not need to use the air conditioning 24/7. Cut down on your carbon footprint by investing in a bug screen that you can use to help keep your house cool and fresh. As mentioned earlier, it’s recommended that people buy multiple screen bug doors to install on many doors around their home to let a refreshing crossbreeze filter through. Not only will this make your house smell and feel fresher, but your wallet will feel a little fatter, too! Energy prices have been through the roof, and many cities are undergoing an energy crisis of sorts where they need to conserve as much power as possible. Make conserving easy with a magnetic bug screen that lets a great amount of fresh air into your house, with none of the pesky pests.

Animals in and out

If you have a pet that is craving to have free reign of the backyard, a bug screen for doors will make your life easier and your pets life really great. Did you know that dog trainers recommend that new puppy parents give their dog consistent access to the backyard? This is because it speeds up housebreaking time and reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning up indoor accidents. Less time cleaning means more time playing tug of war and cuddling on the couch! Some people like to have their cats roam around the yard, but be aware of the wildlife that surrounds your home. You don’t want to have your cats or small dogs be unsupervised outside and get snatched up by a bird of prey like a hawk or an eagle. Large birds are incredibly strong and can pick up more than their body weight.

When you need to be hands free

After you’ve gone to the grocery store, are you tired of taking multiple trips to and from your car just to leave a hand free for opening and closing a door? Struggle no more by installing a handy dandy bug screen door with magnets that easily opens and closes hands free. This is also great for new parents who are holding their young children or lugging in bulky toys from the yard. Magnetic screen doors are also great additions to homes where grilling is a common activity. This makes it easy for the chef to walk in and out of the house and allows the others to smell the savory smells coming from the grill.

Built to last

If you’re convinced that you need a bug screen for your home, be sure that you’re buying one that is made to last. A couple green flags to look for when seeking out a quality made bug screen is that it has reinforced edges and uses all metal thumbtacks for installation. This will ensure that your bug screen is able to handle some normal wear and tear and will stay in place for as long as you have it up. If you buy a cheaply made bug screen, you’ll likely need to purchase a new one every few months or so, which is not very cost effective.

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