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Do You Also Feel That It’s Hard To Control Anger? Here’s What You Can Try!

by abdullahbaloch
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Wise people have been saying this for ages, “ego and anger are the biggest enemies of a person.”

And when wise people say something, it is because of a fact!

Many people have ruined their life under the influence of their anger, and there left nothing but sorrow and sadness after the act of anger.

One must learn how to control the anger just when it arises so that bad outcomes can be avoided.

Maybe we have some tricks that can help in anger management right when you are in a predicament.

Rap It Out

Whether you like DHH or you are a fan of classic western Hip-Hop, just rap your heart out, and you will succeed in controlling your anger. Your frustration can break any time, whether you are damn struck in a heavy traffic jam, or you get involved in an argument at home or work. Instead of spitting words violently, try to rap them in rhyme, and you will find your mind cooler and calmer. While listening to rap makes you feel good, singing a rap puts your mind to work, and thus you get distracted, for good, from your anger.

Vitamin C For Calmness

Increase your fruit intake or get some Vitamin C tablets in your diet. Researchers at the University of Alabama found that Vitamin C works as a coolant to the body’s response to rage if regularly taken. Vitamin C also helps the mind going into stress. Oranges, strawberries, guava, kiwi, papaya, and mango are some of the fruits that provide Vitamin C. And having fruits on a regular basis is anyway a good habit to have.

Change Your Phone and Desktop Wallpaper

What we see daily affects our thinking a lot. Having dramatic, dark, and rebel wallpapers on your phone and laptop screen can be one of the reasons why you can’t get off the anger. You need a wallpaper that is calming and soothes your brain, and reminds you to take a deep breath before saying or doing anything that is a result of anger. Wallpapers of nature’s beauty or delicious and healthy food can be really effective.

Take A Break & Order Your Favourite Dessert!

We know that this trick won’t be a fit in every situation, but when you start feeling the anger inside you while you are arguing in your home, you should take a break and order something delicious for yourself and the other person too. The reason why we have mentioned ordering a dessert is that sweet food makes you feel calm relatively fast. You can order cake online in Hyderabad, or it can be any other dessert such as cupcake or jar cake or brownies. Just order something! And it is much better to keep something sweet in your refrigerator so that you can just gallop it to kill the anger within seconds.

Keep Plants Around You

You need to stay calmer and stay away from stress, and you will be away from your anger for sure. You don’t have to think too much about how to do that. All you need to do is stay close to the green, and that’s it. In times when there are skyscrapers replacing the long trees, you have one solution; bring plants indoors. From your office space to your home and even your car, keep indoor plants. In the office, plants will help you boost productivity. When you decorate your home with indoor plants, you will have good health and a calmer ambience. You can’t keep a plant in your car every time, but you can always carry a plant with you when you are in your vehicle. Natural greens have the impeccable capacity to keep the mind cool and calm while keeping stress, depression, and anger at bay.

Anger is such a bad thing to have. And if you have anger issues, then you need to start following the above-mentioned tricks right away. Handling situations with a calm mind is always a good thing and always results in a positive, whereas anger makes things worse and brings only sorrow afterwards. You can also try meditating and breathing exercises by finding some early-morning time out of your daily schedule.

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