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Corporate Fitness Classes and Other Health and Wellness Perks Employees Love

by Kashif Khan
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Corporate Fitness Classes

Fitness is essential to human health. Corporate fitness and wellness programs increase productivity among workers, bring down healthcare costs, and minimize absenteeism. Business owners need to incorporate health and wellness perks into the employee benefits package. Those that do so see excellent results. What types of programs do employees look for with these perks?

Fitness Classes

Every person will probably return to the office in the future. They may spend every day in the office or work in a hybrid setting. When doing so, they want to have access to corporate fitness offerings, such as stress management programs or fitness classes. They see this as a sign the employer wants them to thrive in all areas of life.

Corporate Fitness Classes

In addition, working out together solidifies social connections and relieves stress. Workers who take part in these programs are more engaged and productive, which benefits the company. They have more energy and find it easier to complete their tasks. Furthermore, with regular participation, workers lose weight, which can reduce the number of sick days and healthcare expenses.

Yoga and Meditation

Employees greatly appreciate having yoga and meditation classes at work. These classes help to keep their stress and anxiety under control while preventing burnout. In fact, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports the number of American adults reporting anxiety or depression symptoms increased four-fold during the global pandemic. When employees have an area in the workplace where they can reflect, restore, and rejuvenate, they are happier and more productive. Their overall well-being improves.

If it isn’t possible to provide these classes on-site, consider reimbursing employees who choose to download a meditation or yoga app and provide them with a space they can use the app in the workplace. The time they spend engaging in these activities benefits the company in countless ways.

Gym Membership Reimbursement

People often say they cannot join a gym because the cost is too high. Make it easy for them to do so by reimbursing employees who sign up for and use a gym membership. In addition, with regular gym visits, the employees are likely to have fewer sick days. Today, certain gyms match employer contributions to encourage the health and wellness of members, so be sure to ask if this option is offered.

Ensure all employees understand the program and how it works. They need to know the amount the employer will contribute toward the membership, what facilities and programs qualify for reimbursement, and more. This ensures there is no confusion, which could lead to unhappy employees. Some workers may even leave the company if they feel they have been misled with regard to their gym membership reimbursement.

Wellness Retreats

A person might think of a wellness retreat as a way to restore their health following an injury or illness. However, these retreats serve as a good team-building experience. Retreat staff members focus on enhancing the health and wellness of participants and come up with activities to bring people together so they can have fun as a unit. The retreat may consist of outdoor activities that have the teams competing against each other, or they may include activities designed to reduce the stress of the employees and allow them to unwind and relax.

Employee health matters. As workers return to the office, provide them with health and wellness perks. These perks will help them make the transition back into the workplace and improve their health while doing so. When this is the case, the employer wins, just as the employee does.

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