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Commercial Office Design Services Create Efficient, Comfortable Spaces

by Kashif Khan
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Company owners who want their offices to be better places for employees to work, and want to improve employee productivity and reduce worker turnover, should invest in office design services. A commercial interior designer can make the office function better and be more comfortable for employees. They can make better use of available space. They will take the electrical system, traffic patterns, and more into account as they redesign the office space to go into the future.

How Can Better Office Design Help Productivity?

An office is more than a place to fill with workers and expect them to do their best. An office space should have a cohesive design and spaces where employees feel inspired. They should be comfortable, with their work needs being met in an efficient way. Good design improves office productivity and cuts down on worker turnover. Getting commercial office design services is well worth the investment.

Working With a Designer to Plan a Good Office Layout

Once a commercial design firm is hired, work with the designer to meet these important guidelines for office layout.

  • Find out how the proposed changes will affect each department and its functions.
  • Use this design overhaul to create a strong company image, brand, and values with design elements. Design elements can promote the company as well as make an attractive design statement.
  • Include a space for employees to informally meet and collaborate on projects. This space should include telecommunications and other elements to optimize meetings with coworkers, clients, and suppliers.
  • Make sure the space use and other design elements, such as lighting, desks, and flooring, combine to make a safe and healthy work space for employees.
  • Try to incorporate green, energy-saving components in the office design for sustainability and to preserve the company’s design investment.
  • Consider planning designs that bring employees in contact with nature. A few plants or a wall mural depicting a natural scene can do wonders for company productivity and morale.
  • Maximize space by having multipurpose areas and furniture. An office kitchen area might transform into a meeting room, and office layouts can be flexible with movable walls.
  • Plan for future expansion with modular furniture and movable walls that can accommodate changes if more people are hired.
  • Start with a realistic budget for the project after getting information from the design firm, then make sure the final bid sticks to that budget.

What if There Is a Small Budget for Office Improvements?

In an existing office where there is no money for a total redesign, there are things that can have a positive impact on employees.

Some good ideas include:

  • Putting several watercoolers around the office. Then, give employees reusable water bottles to fill as needed and take back to their work areas. Have space and seating by the water coolers for employees to gather and exchange ideas for projects as they rehydrate.
  • Add plants around the office. They look good, improve concentration levels and enhance worker satisfaction. Have someone take care of the plants so this is not an added task for employees.
  • Move furniture around and add some new items for varied work areas that suit different work styles. Have individual workspaces, quiet areas, and collaborative spaces to meet different employee and work needs.
  • Make better use of windows to let natural light into the office space. In spaces that do not have windows, improve the lighting with fixtures that offer natural-looking, gentle lighting. Well-lit offices improve worker productivity and comfort.

Good design and an effort to meet employee comfort and work pace needs will pay off in better productivity and more satisfied workers.

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