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Co-ord Set Styling Guide For Women: Look Stylish And Be Comfy At Same Time

by Abdus Subhan
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Are you dreaming of that perfect comfort of a two-piece which radiates modesty and style? That sounds like a co-ord set. The co-ord sets are on the trend with the uproaring demand that’s making their way to every woman’s wardrobe. Its sizzling charm is due to the fact that they grip not only the superstars and fashionistas but also the women who can carry these stylish pieces either to the office or a fun party! Why are they popular among women? Yes, it’s because of the breezy comfort and casual vibe it offers without hampering fashion. 

Some of the co-ord sets for women are highly functional and ideal for gyms and yoga sessions, while some have vibrant prints and floral patterns, making them stylish choices for brunch dates, garden parties or simply casual outings. Therefore, whatever your occasion and style be, there’s a decent pair of chic co-ord sets waiting for you. 

You can make the best of your co-ord set by styling it right. A thumb rule for carrying a co-ord set varies depending on the occasion, fit, style, etc. So here, we bring some guidance and tips on wearing co-ord sets for women. 

Expert Tips to Style your Co-ord sets Flawlessly

What to wear when in doubt? The co-ord set answers that question too well. They do not require too much effort and time to include them in outfit planning, though the process can still be overwhelming sometimes. So read on to discover the comprehensive style guide to rock co-ord sets for women at any event. 

  • Layering Is Never Wrong

The modern woman understands the magic concept of layering. Include your co-ord sets in the glam list, too. It elevates your style by layering it with a lightweight jacket, vest or chic scarf that goes with the look and depth of the ensemble. It’s perfect for evening wear and less hot weather. For the winter season, a denim jacket and tailored blazer work well. Add your taste to any co-ord set you carry, and let the layering compliment your cord-set. 

  • All Eyes Down At the Footwear

The right footwear always acts as a queen of the overall attire. Nope, we aren’t being dramatic. Wearing a stunning co-ord set with the wrong pair of footwear, no wonder. If you want to look your best, the expert tip here suggests adorning yourself with classy heels to give an elegant vibe, as well as sandals and espadrilles for the co-ord sets with a summery touch and prints. Also, consider the occasion when choosing footwear. For a playful vibe at a day event, complement your matching sets through stylish sneakers and loafers, while a block heel can enhance the look for semi-formal events. 

  • Co-ord Sets For Women Enjoys Accessories

No doubt, accessories are every woman’s favourite, be it any outfit they are wearing or any event they are attending. Do not shy away from adding elegant or vibrant accessories to your pair of sets. Adding neural accessories to printed co-ord sets for women creates a sleek and balanced look. If you are planning for a casual day out, add a brimmed hat and sunglasses to the pair of contemporary co-ord sets. Pair a simple and elegant statement earring with an ethnic co-ord set is a stylish choice for formal events. Experiment with various jewellery pieces or mix and match other accessories to see what suits your look best! 

  • Playing With Makeup and Hairstyle 

Nevertheless, you aren’t going out without a perfect hairstyle and flawless makeup. How about doing the routine but in a more gorgeous way? Choose a monochromatic palette for an elegant look and a slight nude makeup for your formal or even semi-formal occasions that enhances the appeal of the co-ord set even more. Matching the hues of the co-ord set with the makeup and even hair colour can create a bold overall look with a touch of playfulness. Keep the hair in a sleek bun or loose with your stylish co-ord sets. You can even showcase a personal touch that builds confidence and complements the co-ord set equally. 


Hop into the wave of co-ord sets that have been captivating modern women as they bring along a blend of comfort, style and versatility. The range of co-ord sets for women visible online and offline is something to crave for. The matching top and bottoms with various breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, rayon and jacquard are comfortable to wear for any event. The design of the co-ord sets matters the most in perfecting any look, such as the printed or the monotone top, even three-piece co-ord sets. So buy Co ord sets for women online that effortlessly fit into your style statement.

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