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Five Reasons Why Facilities Need a Chemical Collection Cart

by Bryan Cunningham
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Last modified on December 24th, 2022 at 2:06 pm

chemical collection cart

A chemical collection cart is crucial in manufacturing facilities, research labs, and universities. Proper chemical storage, movement, and disposal are critical to protect everyone at the facility and ensure regulatory compliance. A chemical collection cart simplifies these processes for a safer environment. Discover five smart reasons why your facility should invest in a chemical collection cart today.

Safe Handling Matters

Places such as manufacturers, universities, and research labs need a chemical collection cart to ensure chemicals are correctly handled, moved, and disposed of while following all applicable regulations. Safety is at the forefront in these settings to protect everyone working with chemicals and avoid costly accidents and injuries. Plus, failing to meet local regulations can result in significant fines. Investing in a chemical cart today can save your business money and protect its brand reputation.

Proper Storage is Important

Used chemicals must be stored properly in a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved container to avoid problems and maintain regulatory compliance. Chemical carts pump chemicals from wet process stations to tanks in the carts. Then the carts can be rolled to the process station, and the chemical safely pumped into the cart’s tank. This thoughtful process ensures chemicals are handled correctly to maintain the highest safety levels at your facility.

One Cart for Multiple Applications

Another advantage of investing in a chemical cart is using it for multiple related applications. There are carts for all types of solvent applications with various options available, including large-capacity holding tanks and containers with stainless steel components. Plus, chemical carts can be customized to meet your unique requirements and ensure they handle chemicals per your specifications every step of the way. Additionally, chemical carts also transfer used chemicals to large collection containers for treatment, neutralization, or off-premise disposal.

Eliminate the Need for an In-House Neutralization System

Investing in a chemical collection cart helps facilities save money because no in-house neutralization system is required to eliminate used chemicals. The chemical cart safely transfers used chemicals to be processed elsewhere without incident. The right materials and components ensure safety throughout the process and reduce costs because you don’t need to neutralize chemicals in-house. As a result, there is a low cost of ownership when investing in a chemical collection cart.

Customization Makes a Difference

Finally, because chemical collection carts are customizable, there is no room for error regarding proper chemical handling. Your team can customize the cart’s features to accommodate your facility’s needs and maintain safety throughout each process. Plus, a customized cart fits into your facility and budget, so you have peace of mind about chemical handling in the future. Additionally, customization makes it easier to comply with local chemical storage, transport, and disposal regulations.

A chemical collection cart is essential in research labs, universities, and manufacturing facilities working with chemicals. Safety is a top priority to avoid accidents, injuries, physical damage, and damage to your brand reputation. Find out more about the advantages of investing in a chemical cart today to streamline operations at your facility tomorrow.

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