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Cheap Umrah Packages from the UK.

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Last modified on November 18th, 2023 at 7:45 pm

If you are intending to travel for the holy pilgrimage of Umrah, you need to hire Umrah Packages from credible agencies for it. Alternatively, one can also go for Umrah alone i.e. by making his/her travel and accommodation arrangements on their own. The benefit of travelling to Umrah with a professional travel agent is that the travel inconveniences are minimized.

When it comes to Umrah travel, a variety of packages are available for the pilgrims to opt for. If you are on a budget and want affordable Umrah travel and accommodation services then you can choose either from a 3-star economy Umrah travel package or a 4-star package. On the other hand, if budget isn’t a concern for you and you want a luxury Umrah travel experience, there are diverse options to choose from i.e. 5-star luxury to 7-star premium Umrah travel packages.

For the cheap Umrah packages from the UK, you get;  

Visa Processing.

Assistance with the Umrah visa application process is usually offered within the package. This involves gathering the necessary travel documentation from the pilgrims and then submitting the visa application to the relevant authorities till its approval.

There are different types of Umrah visas you can get from Saudi authorities.

  • A dedicated Umrah visa for 15 days maximum.
  • Umrah on a visit visa i.e. permissibility of Umrah performance on your tourist visa, business visa or family visa to the kingdom.

Therefore, cheap Umrah packages make sure that the pilgrims are guided through the necessary paperwork along with the coverage of associated fees for a hassle-free travel experience.


Flights offered in these types of Umrah packages are within the economy class cabins and are roundtrip. The usual route for the flights for Umrah is from the UK to Jeddah airport, from there you can travel to Makkah or Madinah via bus or car.  Since the focus of these packages is providing a cost-effective travel option, the prices can vary based on factors like the airline, class of travel, and the timing of booking as well.

That’s what you get with cheap Umrah packages from the UK; budget flights with Qatar Airways or other airlines, economy accommodations and group transportation in the kingdom. But most recommended is Qatar Airways because Qatar Airways baggage allowance is very generous on the both way flights. 


Budget accommodations that are present in close proximity to the Haram in Makkah and Madinah are typically part of cheap Umrah packages. Though these accommodations have average yet quality living qualities, they fulfil the basic needs of pilgrims instead of the luxury amenities. Therefore, providing a comfortable place to rest during their journey.


Ground transportation is present for the pilgrims. It can be in the form of shuttle services for your airport transfers and daily commute as well as group travel by bus for intercity or Ziyarath purposes. The group travel nature of transportation is what makes it affordable for both the pilgrim as well as the travel agency.


Cheap Umrah packages usually offer only one meal i.e. breakfast at your hotel daily. However, some basic packages may also offer lunch and dinner options at an additional cost. The type of meals would also depend upon the cheap Umrah travel packages opted for.

Ziyarath Tours.

While the majority of cheap Umrah packages offer guided tours to historical Islamic sites, also known as Ziyarath tours, some basic packages might not offer this service. So, it’s better that you confirm with your travel agency about the Ziyarath travel inclusion in your package beforehand to avoid any inconveniences later. 

Support Services.

Round-the-clock customer support service remains a standard inclusion of all the Umrah travel packages, whether luxury or economy. Pilgrims can get in touch with the representatives of the agency and get assistance for general inquiries, complaints, or emergencies throughout their journey.

Umrah Kits.

Necessities are offered complimentary for the pilgrims by the travel agency for performing Umrah. It may include Ihram clothing, guidebooks, umbrellas, water bottles and other prayer supplies. 

Educational and Spiritual Programs.

To educate the first-time pilgrims on the dos and don’ts of the Umrah pilgrimage as well as the legalities involved with their travel, the agency might offer educational workshops beforehand. So that you can have a seamless travel experience.

Additional Services.

Amenities such as laundry services, Wi-Fi, etc. are not offered within cheap Umrah packages to cut down the costs. However, if you want you can buy these services by paying an extra fee as well. 

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