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Bought A New Car? 8 Maintenance Tips For New Owners To Keep The Car Fighting Fit

by Alisay blunt
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Maintenance Tips For New Owners

Buying a car for the first time gives you happiness and satisfaction beyond comparison. You have been relying on a third party for travel but buying your own gives you the utmost flexibility as you do not depend on other people’s mercy. It prevents you from the hassle of waiting for public transport and standing during travel. Having your own car means no cash flow over booking rides and unnecessary waiting time.

Buying a car can prevent you from these factors, but it comes with a responsibility. Whether buying a Sedan or investing in SUVs, if you do not focus on its care and maintenance, it may open doors for different issues like slowing down the air condition system, or worse, your car breaks down in the middle of the road. You have to spend extra costs for maintenance or best car ac repair service in dubai and beyond. However, if you have an idea of some basic car maintenance tips, it can reduce the visits to car repair centers.

Below are some easy car maintenance tips which can help save cost and increase longevity.

1.       Read The Vehicle Handbook

Every car comes with a manual having all the essential details about the vehicle. The handbook can guide you on car issues and how to cater to them. Most of the time, being overwhelmed by the new car, people do not focus on the car’s manual and face the consequences. The handbook has every detail, like what services your car needs and when. Traveling with a manual can help you cater to the problem if you get stuck somewhere and mechanics are out of reach.

2.       Keep The Car’s Engine Clean

SUVs can bear more wear and tear than sedans. However, cleaning the engine is crucial in both cases. The car engine controls the overall functioning, and if there is any problem, your car may not start or work properly. What can you do for prevention? Use clean fuel. In addition, use a degreaser to clean the car engine from dirt and debris for damage prevention.  

3.       Inspection Of Wheels

Wrong alignment of wheels or low pressure can affect car performance. How would you know if there is a problem with the wheels? If the vehicle makes wobble sounds, it is an indication that something is wrong. Wrong inflation in tyres can also cause vibrating in steering, and you may need to put more pressure when taking turns. You can find the correct tyre pressure on the car manual, or it is written somewhere on the car. So, check your car regularly to avoid stress during the trip. If the tyres need repair, you can either do it yourself or get in touch with a tyre shop in Dubai or near you.

4.       Check Car Fluids

A car needs fluids according to the markings to work properly. Cars do not work on oils only. It needs a sufficient amount of other fluid; water, ac coolant, brake fluid, and more to work properly. Driving the car on a lower fluid level than required can damage its parts leading to high repairing costs. So, check car fluids at regular intervals to keep the vehicle in the best form.

5.       Replace Filters If Needed

Polluted filters can hamper the car’s performance. If you drive for a prolonged time or in dusty areas, it is better to check the filters for proper functioning.

6.       Inspection Of Battery

Faulty car batteries can also affect the car’s performance. It is due to the fact that the battery passes the electric current to start functioning. So, weak batteries can stop the proper functioning of the vehicle. Check the battery terminals to notice any damage, and in case of noticing some problems, get them fixed without delay. Furthermore, if you do not use the car often, make sure to start it twice a week to keep the batteries in working condition.

7.       Do Not Avoid Rattling Sounds

New car owners might not be aware that a car making unusual sounds is an indication of trouble, and avoiding them can lead to major repairs. If you feel rattling sounds coming from the car engine, get it checked right away to prevent long-term issues.

8.       Wash Your Car Once A Week

Don’t you want your car to shine and look beautiful? Car renewing and car wash services can protect the paint, remove the dirt and prevent damage to the metal parts leading to higher resale value.  

The aforementioned tips can extend the lifespan of your car. If you can cater to these problems yourself, it is good for you as you can save costs. If not, ensure a regular visit to a car service provider to keep your travel companion in good shape. 

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