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Best Desk Lamp to have for Students

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A beautiful lamp will help you focus on the task at hand. Common lighting do not support doing things effectively in space. With the right desk lamps, you can focus on what you are doing; drawing, writing or reading. The desk lamp can illuminate the area and help you do your work properly.

To prevent from eye fatigue and reduce dimming of your eyesight or to help you study at night or in a dark place, you need the presence of the right desk lamp. It is not only a functional ergonomic tool but also an impressive study table decoration.

In this article, I will help you choose the right desk lamp that will surely not just illuminate the entire place but also create a decorative impression on your desk.


High-quality light

Generally, incandescent bulbs provide bright, clear light. LED desk lamps provide a variety of energy-saving options. Pay attention to two characteristics: CRI and color temperature.

• The color rendering index (CRI) measures the appearance of true colors under a specific light source. This assessment is especially important for floor lamps that must be checked for reading or work readiness. Look for LEDs with a higher CRI rating of 85-100.
• Color temperature is a standard measure of the appearance of light, and is often referred to as the “warm” or “cold” appearance of light. The color temperature range of the LED desk lamp is 2700K to 4500K, which can provide clean and comfortable light that usually works underneath.

Fair Size

There are no specific rules, but there are some general things to follow.
The floor lamp should be proportional to your desk or work area. If the desk is large, a larger lamp is needed. If your desk is small, it is best to use a small lamp. This technique can be combined with the above rules. Measure the height of your personal computer or laptop monitor and use it as the approximate height of the light bulb.

Choose what type of desk lamp you prefer to have

Desk lamps are the simplest equipment, but there are many styles and types on the market.

• Adjustable arm light- Depending on your needs and working space, you can make the light source closer or farther. Ideal for large desks.
• Gooseneck lamp-The lamp holder is flexible at the neck, and can be rotated and manipulated in different positions.

• Clip-on lights- It is very useful when you don’t have a large working space and it is small and light. It can be stored in a drawer.
• Magnifying glass light- It comes with an illuminated magnifying glass, so you can clearly see the details.
• Bunker lights- It has a horizontal green glass lampshade, a brass bracket and a complete chain switch. It no longer has dignity.

Know where to place your Desk Lamp

When working, lights should be placed to prevent shadows from being scattered on the table. For right-handed people, this means placing the light source on the left side of the table, and vice versa.
For adjustable lights, make sure that the arm has enough length and flexibility to shine where it is needed without blocking the light when it is not needed. Furthermore, when used on a computer, the desk lamp should illuminate the desktop and keyboard without causing glare on the screen.Think about the materials
Desk lamps are made of several different types of materials. The most common is the flexible metal neck, which is covered with plastic molds, plastics, ceramics, wood, etc. It depends on what material you are using for the desk lamp, or whether it is really suitable for your existing study space.

Examine the design

It is recommended that you carefully consider the design of the floor lamp you want to buy. When considering designing a desk lamp for this type of work area, several things need to be considered.

Desk lamps can perform some other useful functions to help your daily life and provide you with some lighting. For instance, the desk lamp stand has separate compartments for paper clips, pens, pins, pencils, etc., which minimizes the working space and helps you organize more effectively. Other desk lamps also have small displays with time readings, such as clock, date, room temperature, etc.

Complete your entire study space with the necessary things you need such as durable table, functional desk lamps and don’t forget a heavy-duty chair. So, go and shop designer chairs online.

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