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5 things to keep in mind during Cerner EMR demo

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Cerner EMR Demo

About Cerner EMR

Cerner is a cloud-based EMR Software that helps health organizations and specialties run more efficiently and deliver better treatment. It provides various features, including charting, documentation, sales management, and health analytics.  These tools and features ensure correct diagnosis and care by delivering up-to-date patient records.

Cerner EMR supports a wide variety of specialties and includes task automation and easy recording, allowing you to concentrate more on patients. You will see more patients on a given day, resulting in higher total revenue without compromising care quality. Cerner EMR enables healthcare professionals in both acute and ambulatory care settings to electronically store, record, and access patient health information.

Advantages of Cerner EMR

Increase productivity and efficiency

Cerner EMR lets you spend far less time charting and documenting patient data and focus more on providing quality care. 

User-friendly Interface

Cerner EMR’s easy-to-navigate interface allows you to manage patient data with ease. 

Full-Service Support

Cerner EMR provides 24/7 customer support and can also assist with installation and implementation. 

Health Network

Cerner EMR uses Health Network Architecture, an intelligent and extensible interface, to link clinical, operational, and financial data from other systems.

Cerner EMR Demo

When evaluating EHR Software for your setup, the most crucial task is to list the features you require. Multiple factors, such as specialty-specific functionality and flexible software, would be beneficial. The demo allows you to assess whether the software meets your specifications. The demo also gives a clear idea of how the product will perform in a real-time healthcare environment.

Before you buy the Software for your medical setup, you should think about several factors that will influence your decision. The following are the main features to analyze when obtaining a Cerner EMR demo.

Powerful Integrations

Cerner EMR is known for its robust integration capabilities. Medication prescription refills are processed quickly through third-party integration, allowing patients to communicate and collaborate with pharmacies based on their preferences. 

Cerner EMR also provides lab integration, allowing for fast order processing and immediate receipt of lab results. This function improves communication between providers and facilities.

During a Cerner EMR demo, make sure to determine how the integrated features offered by Cerner EMR help you in your practice. 

Patient Portal

Cerner EMR Software also offers a patient portal that encourages patients to be involved with their health and care management. The patient portal acts as a convenient location for you and your patients to connect. This platform also allows patients to send safe messages. 

Patients can book appointments, access clinical records, order refills, update information, and submit files easily through Cerner EMR’s patient portal. To further enhance their education, patients can exchange messages, display clinical records, and look up evidence-based data on over 3,000 topics.

While receiving the demo, make sure you can use the system to see how the patient portal services can help you streamline your process and provide high-quality treatment to your patients. Check that the patient portal meets all of your needs and will assist you in increasing patient involvement.

Clinical Documentation Tools

The Cerner EMR software offers a dynamic documentation feature. You can use the app to automatically move charting data into various areas of a patient’s health record. Any pertinent medical information, such as prescriptions or diagnoses, is also immediately incorporated. 

Cerner EMR accepts many different input methods, including auto text, voice recognition, speech-to-text, and code words. Ensure you can navigate all while you get the demo.

Revenue Cycle Management

Cerner EMR offers financial ease through efficient revenue cycle management. The software provides tools to boost your workflow and cost management, resulting in increased sales. Cerner’s Revenue Cycle Management tools help organizations use automation to simplify administrative functions, monitor collection costs, make sound business decisions, and, eventually, improve financial performance in acute and ambulatory settings.

Revenue cycle management is a critical aspect of any EMR Software. While getting a demo, clearly analyze whether this feature helps you improve your financial performance.

Certified EHR

Healthcare practitioners prefer EHR Software to easily exchange patient data and store data in a standardized format. CMS and ONC have defined guidelines and requirements for EHRs to meet to qualify for government incentives.

While receiving the Cerner EHR’s demo, ask the vendor if their product is certified or not.

Final Thoughts

Cerner EMR is a successful Software choice for your healthcare practice. Cerner EMR Software helps you to delve further into the clinical documentation process while still increasing your productivity.

Before making a purchase, you can arrange a demo to help you better understand your options. This guide clearly explains everything you need to know before getting the Cerner EMR demo.  Make sure you have access to all of the features you’ll need for your medical setup.

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