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Benefits Of Practicing Daily Yoga During Menopause

by Abdus Subhan
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Yoga During Menopause

Menopause officially starts a year after a woman has had her last period. Usually, this occurs when a woman is in her 50s. Before menopause begins, a woman’s hormone levels start to change. You might notice a dip in your sex drive or that your periods are different. This time frame is called perimenopause. Women dealing with the changes of life often experience many difference symptoms. While menopause supplements can certainly help manage those symptoms, it can take a multifaceted approach to deal with all the discomfort and symptoms. Here’s how yoga can help you find balance.

Helps Relieve Stress & Physical Discomfort.

Menopause causes many physical symptoms that are uncomfortable. Night sweats, fatigue, bloating, insomnia and hot flashes are not fun to deal with. These symptoms occur due to declining estrogen levels. Women in their 40s and 50s often have to deal with aging parents and older children entering a new phase of life. All these things cause stress, which is one thing yoga is thought to deal with. Yoga helps quiet the mind and calms the spirit, allowing you to better manage your mood.

Reduces Fatigue

Decreased estrogen in the body can make a woman feel very tired. Yoga promotes joint health and flexibility, which can increase your tolerance to pain, helping you sleep better at a time when your body is fighting insomnia and fatigue. Stretching your hamstrings, shoulders, neck and calves can help energize your body and strengthen your body to deal with the symptoms of menopause.

Consistently Practicing Yoga Can Reduce Blood Pressure

Blood pressure increases during menopause, largely due to changing hormones. This is also why it makes it harder to lose weight during menopause. Yoga can help combat high blood pressure when you consistently practice. Instead of worrying about menopause weight gain supplements, you can feel better through yoga because it promotes better circulation in your body and better oxygenation.

Yoga May Reduce Hot Flashes

The slow, rhythmic movements of yoga may help reduce hot flashes in the body. It’s thought that the practice can calm the central nervous system, leading to fewer night sweats and hot flashes. Although only a few studies can prove this claim, many studies show that yoga practitioners sleep better through the night. It might be the exercise that calms the body or that yoga reduces stress, but there’s evidence that yoga can be beneficial for women in menopause.

Yoga Can Improve Confidence

Wondering can menopause cause anxiety? Yes, menopause causes anxiety in women. The hormonal changes can make women more anxious, but there’s also a lot of societal pressure on women in their 50s, which can lead to anxiety about their job and relationships. Women over 50 face many discriminations, which can be stressful without any health conditions. Yoga strengthens muscles and joints, reducing anxiety about injuries that occurs with aging.

Menopause is a natural phase of life. Unfortunately, it’s often not talked about. Learn more about menopause and what supplements can help improve symptoms to have more confidence and security about your body during this season of your life.

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