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Back To College Campus, 2022-2023

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Many college campuses are bike friendly. When you need to get to class fast, a mens or womens electric bike can come in handy. Whether you prefer a motorized electric bike, manual bike or an adult tricycle with a cargo basket, here’s a guide to selecting the best bike for college in 2022-2023 and for years to come.

Investing in a Bike For Your Needs

A bike can be a smart investment for anyone who has to go to a college campus on a regular basis. Whether you are a college student, graduate student, instructor or professor, you can find a bike that meets your needs and makes it easier to get around any university.

Factor in the landscape surrounding an institution to decide on e bikes San Francisco or the right model for any other location. An e-bike makes climbing hills a breeze and can enable riders to use full electric power or a pedal assist mode capable of reaching the fastest speeds and covering the longest distances.

Bikes for City or Suburban Living

In addition to the landscape, it is important to factor in the distance of your ride and the flow of traffic. Students and staff that live in cities near where a college is located may not need to cover as much distance. Safety and stability are important no matter where you ride. Choose from a large selection of hybrid helmets that provide the protection you need to ride more safely.

Students and staff at suburban campuses may need to cover more distance than urban college goers. An e-bike equipped with a 500W battery has a range of up to 40 miles on pedal assist mode or 20 miles on full electric power and a top speed of 24 miles per hour with pedal assist. A 250W e-bike has a shorter range of up to 30 miles with pedal assist or 15 miles full electric and a top speed of 28 mph in pedal assist mode.

Secure Your Bike On Campus

If you need to park your bike on campus while you attend classes, it is worthwhile to invest in a security solution. Check out the latest innovations in bike locks and security devices to find a reliable solution to make sure every part of your bike stays where you left it until you’re ready for your next ride. College students and staff should also familiarize themselves with rules about the types of bikes that are allowed on campus and any bike parking requirements.

Bikes can be the best way to explore a college campus and also make it easier to get to class on time. Cycling is much faster than walking, and manual bike riders often outpace public transportation options on campus. E-bikes can travel at top speeds of up to 24 miles per hour, making a motorized bike one of the fastest ways to ride around campus. Get a breath of fresh air by riding to class, when running errands or just for fun.

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