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Interactive and Free Business Studies Class 12 Online Classes

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Video lectures or online classes have become new normal with the current pandemic situation, everything going online has made knowing which is the best online classes and video lectures very important. This has also increased a possibility of a lot of frauds looking only for money and providing bad-quality video lectures. In this article, we will let you know which is the best YouTube Channel for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Online Classes and Video Lectures.

Commerce is one of the most opted fields among the students of 11th and 12th standard having the most number of students in this field. Class 12 commerce video lectures are provided by various institutes and expert teachers to acquaint students with required study materials, topic illustrations and other resources. The Commerce stream involves three major and compulsory subjects which are Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics.

Let us understand Business studies class 12 Course.

Business studies is one of the compulsory subjects which teaches students the basic principle of management and how an organisation and its day to day tasks are managed through the activities of management like planning, directing, organising, staffing, controlling and coordinating. It also teaches how to market a good or service and take out sales from it through the concept of marketing management. Business studies class 12 Course is divided into theory exams of 80 marks and practical or project work of 20 marks. Students at times find it difficult to understand some of the technical concepts of business studies like Henry Fayol’s principles or scientific techniques of management which is why students are advised to take business studies class 12 online classes to get all their doubts cleared.

Different Ways Of Online Classes-

  1. Online Classes By Byju’s or Vedantu
  2. Video Lectures
  3. Pen Drive Courses
  4. YouTube Lectures
  5. Recorded classes

Why Study Business Studies Class 12 With Online Classes-

Business Studies have always been entirely a theory subject but since past few years, CBSE and other state boards are trying to make it practical so that students could easily apply the concepts in their working life. CBSE has added a concept of case studies in which students will be given situations and they would have to illustrate a solution depending upon their understanding of the topic, project work is another such way of bringing a practicality in the overall curriculum of CBSE Class 12 .

Business Studies Class 12 Online classes are a best way to understand these topics and get an idea on how to attempt the Business studies class 12 Case studies. Business studies class 12 YouTube Lectures in the form of video lectures are the most extraordinary source of study for Business studies class 12 students as these online classes are recorded so students can visit them later in the future.

Why Are Youtube Lectures Best source of Business Studies Class 12 Online Classes

  1. Youtube Lectures are recorded and are easily accessible.
  2. There are no fees or expenses required to watch Youtube Lectures.
  3. The students can easily take part in the business studies class 12 online test to judge their performance and prepare accordingly.
  4. Youtube lectures provide HD Quality videos with clear audio.
  5. The students can watch Youtube Lectures from anywhere at any time and hence are extremely comfortable during the stressful situation of Covid.

Best Youtube Channel For Business Studies Class 12

After considering the above points, It is clear that Youtube Lectures are Interactive, Comfortable and at the same time are free of cost. The best youtube channel for business studies class 12 is Vidya setu. Vidya setu provides the class 12 business studies video lectures Free of cost, it also provides the Sample Papers, NCERT solutions, Notes, free downloadable books Pdf as well as previous year question papers to the students for classes 11th and 12th. VidyaSetu is a perfect solution for students looking forward to finding all the study material and business studies class 12 online classes at one place and that too free of cost.

Why VidyaSetu is best youtube channel for business studies class 12-

  1. VidyaSetu Provides the business studies class 12 online classes free of cost as their motto is to bring education to every student and not to earn money.
  2. When students looking for class 12 business studies video lectures feel that the Video quality is not very nice, hence VidyaSetu provides HD Quality Videos with clear Audio.
  3. vidyasetu provides recorded Video lectures hence can be watched from anywhere at any time.
  4. Vidya setu also Provides problem solving and is easily accessible to anybody without any difference in financial status or region.


It is evident that with new normal, online studies are becoming more and more acceptable among parents, teachers and students. Business studies class 12 online classes are made available by various online portals but most of them lack basic necessities of online classes. VidyaSetu is the best youtube channel for business studies class 12 as it provides the Online classes in form of video lectures which are also recorded and hence can be watched multiple times.

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