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Attractions in Rome That Are More Enjoyable with a Private Tour

by Adil Husnain
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Attractions in Rome That Are More Enjoyable with a Private Tour

If there is one ancient city people want to explore when they are in Europe, it is Rome. This location in Italy attracts millions of tourists every year, and it is not difficult to see why, with its beautiful architecture, rich history and delicious food.

But, since Rome is a popular destination, it does mean that the most popular attractions are busy. During the high season, you can struggle to get tickets, and there can be long lines for entry. The last thing you want is to travel all the way to Rome and miss out on the best attractions.

Is there a way around this? The answer is yes. It is going to be best to book private tours for the best attractions. When you do this in advance of your trip, you are guaranteeing your entry and ensuring your experience is a good one. Let’s take a look at the attractions you should book a private tour for.

The Vatican Museums

Those that are visiting Rome also include Vatican City in their plans. Indeed, this is true if you want to learn more about Catholicism or admire famous pieces of art. In particular, a highlight of the city is the Vatican Museums. We are talking about everything from the famous spiral staircase to Raphael Rooms. There is so much to see here, and you want the opportunity to absorb and enjoy it all.

Of course, the Vatican Museums are such a highlight that everyone wants to come here. You can expect the waiting lines in the high season to be around three hours long. Yes, you can show up early and try to get in with minimal waiting. But, a private tour means that you can skip this line and make sure you are not in the museums with crowds of people. Check out to book one of the private tours with an experienced guide. This allows you to learn stories about Vatican City, the artists that feature in the museums and some of the ancient items you can see inside.

 Sistine Chapel

If you love art and want to learn more about the Renaissance, there is going to be no better place to visit than the Sistine Chapel. This is located in Vatican City, which makes it a very busy attraction for tourists. Indeed, here you can see for yourself some of the most famous artwork in the world. This includes Michelangelo and the painting he was commissioned to do by the Pope.

Of course, this is a busy spot and there can be three to four-hour lines here during the high season. The best thing you can do is book a private tour to guarantee you are able to get in and enjoy the experience. Often, tours will include more than just the Sistine Chapel. For example, there can be private tours that allow you to see the Vatican Museums at the same time.

The Colosseum

You will never forget your visit to the Colosseum in Rome. This is one of the most famous amphitheaters in the world, and it once held up to 65,000 people. You are able to see the ruins that are left and step inside the Arena for yourself. This is exactly what the gladiators would have done all those years ago and where they would entertain the citizens, as well as royalty.

During high season in Rome, you can expect the wait to be several hours long for the Colosseum. Unfortunately, this line can be outside, which means it will be hot in the afternoon. The best thing to do is get a private tour. This allows you to skip the general admission line and make the most of your trip. Indeed, you can even visit areas of the Colosseum that are restricted. This can include underground and the Arena Floor.

The Roman Forum

Last but not least on our list is the Roman Forum. This is another must-see attraction when you are in Rome and you can explore the ruins that remain from an ancient city. It is believed that the building of this place was started back in the 7th century BC. A lot would happen here, from public gatherings to elections, as well as combat between gladiators.

One of the reasons to book a tour of the Roman Forum is so that you can really learn what happened here. A tour guide is going to have knowledge and fascinating stories they can share with you.

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