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AC brands in India Have a Lot of Options

by Abdus Subhan
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Last modified on April 15th, 2023 at 10:49 am

Anyone who goes to the market to purchase an ac needs clarification on the number of ac brands in India. Deciding whether to buy a 1.5-ton ac of split or window type becomes difficult. Nowadays, the buyer can purchase an ac with inverter technology that allows the AC compressor to run at a variable speed and consume less electricity. The cooling power of ac is also unstable because of this technology. It can adjust the cooling based on the existing temperature of the room.

This particular feature allows the AC to maintain a constant temperature throughout the day. Once the desired temperature reaches, the motor slows down. Unlike a window air conditioner, the compressor turns off after reaching the desired temperature and turns on when the temperature rises. The frequent turning on and off creates a lot of noise. This technology also allows the provision of AC turbo mode, where the AC can cool the room faster by boosting the speed of the compressor motor. This feature is only possible with inverter AC.

The market for ac brands in India is complete with several efficient models of the next level that conserve electricity. Now you can purchase ac with dual and triple inverter technology. Inverter technology is also helpful for saving electricity if the AC runs continuously for 6 to 12 hours.

There are many AC brands in India, but people prefer window-type ac. If you go to a residential area, most models are either 1.5 ton ac or window type. There are many reasons why people still prefer this model. However, some important reasons are listed here.

They require less maintenance.

Window air conditioners need low maintenance because their design is straightforward. It has a single unit that includes all the components. On the contrary, the SplitSplit AC needs servicing at regular intervals from a well-trained professional. Besides, it’s more challenging to repair a split AC than a window AC when troubleshooting.

Low Installation Cost and Ease of Use

The installation of a window ac is simple and does not need the use of special equipment or experience. Anyone with a bit of knowledge can easily install it. The only requirement is a window compartment or a window grill. Therefore, the installation cost is the bare minimum.

Has a Longer Lifespan

Among all ac brands in India, the window ac has a longer lifespan. Since it’s very compact, with all components in a single unit, it can survive for almost 8-10 years. If any part fails, the replacement is straightforward. 


Talking of optimum user experience, both Split and window ACs perform reliably. Although each type has pros and cons, you must decide which one to install in your home. Since price is an important consideration, you should opt for a window air conditioner, especially if you are looking for a cheaper model. However, if you want an ac with a sleek design, you must choose the Split AC. The good thing is that every type of model is available as per requirement. 

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