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A Step-By-Step Guide To Host An Instagram Takeover

by MoralStory Editorial Team
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Guide To Host An Instagram Takeover

Instagram takeovers are now trending on this popular platform. Experts say that it is one of the fastest ways to grow your following. This process often happens between the Instagram influencer and brand. When brands ask for Instagram influencers to take over, it would be a great honor for influencers. The success or failure of Instagram marketing depends on how you utilize the features. So if brands plan to expand their reach, they can buy instagram reels views and enhance their popularity. Have you ever thought about why the Instagram takeovers are happening? Let’s have a clear picture of the working of the Instagram takeover in this article. 

Why Do Brands Opt For Instagram Takeovers?

In general, brands need someone to handle and manage their Instagram accounts. Then why not the influencers? Instagram influencers are familiar with the brand style, brand goal, brand post structures, etc., So if a brand collaborates with an influencer for a more extended period, then the brand can go confident with takeovers with specific influencers. 

Over the years of collaboration, the brand ultimately knows the capabilities of an influencer. Influencers are people who represent the brand among the audience. So brands need to be careful in choosing the influencers. Mostly Instagram takeovers are given for a few days or months, and it is a process that works with trust. Not only brands but even celebrities and famous professionals can also utilize the option of Instagram takeover. 

Influencers for the brand should fall under specific categories, 

  • They should be authentic and have a motive to promote your brand. 
  • Should be ready to host your events, Live, etc., at any time. 
  • Be wide open to facing challenges and being innovative with content creation. 

Steps To Organize Instagram Takeovers

1. Define Your Goals And Set The Standards

Have relevant goals and strategies that align with the brand objectives. The goals are the ones that push you forward to move on to the success path. In general, the goals will be like increasing brand awareness, engaging the community, promoting a product or event, etc., The objectives may differ depending on the takeover. If you want to make it less pressure, you have to do the complete groundwork. 

Apart from goals, it would help if you fixed the hosting dates, frequency to post, content style, hashtags to use, who can access your account, etc.; after completing a few days of an Instagram takeover, influencers should measure the metrics. It may help you to change your approach toward marketing and strategies. Furthermore, you can opt to use Trollishly and shall improve your online presence. 

2. Choose Your Takeover Style

Based on the brand goals and budget, you need to choose between features like reels, stories, videos, posts, etc., Do not stop with one part because it will create monotony. Instead, try to leverage all the features to enhance your posts. You can build your brand authority when you are active in all the features. Brands don’t be too restricted to the takeover person. Give the freedom of creation to them. 

3. Prepare The Workflow

Once you have completed the partner and set with the plan, it’s time to enrich your program in detail. Brands have to decide on the type of takeovers: Partial or complete account takeover. Brands can only allow the total content takeover if they have 100% confidence in the influencer. It is advised to provide the partial takeover. Now you have to set permissions to your account. Give your influencer detailed instructions on how to go with the takeover and explain their limitations. 

4. Start With The Takeover

You may let someone take over your account, but it doesn’t mean you have no authority over it. Check on it sometimes so that you may prevent it from going wrong. Influencers should also keep an eye on the comments. Influencers can promote their takeovers on their profile. It is an added advantage for influencers as well as brands. It is best to save their takeovers on the Instagram highlights. 

5. Measure The Success

As the influencer looks at the whole brand’s Instagram account, they need to maintain the Key performance indicators. Check on the number of followers increased, engagement rate, hashtag usage, account traffic, and conversion rates. All these matter a lot when it comes to promotion. Moreover, check on your Instagram business account to view the insights. Finally, have downloadable reports of your Instagram performance. Then, you can try using Trollishly and reap better benefits. 


Brands will have a doubt. Are Instagram takeovers safe? In a partial takeover, you can change the passwords once done. But takeovers will reduce the burden of busy-working Instagrammers. On the other hand, maintaining your reputation is not an entirely 100% safe process. Now, it’s up to your choice! Happy Instagramming!

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